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w-2s and taxes

What to do if you don’t get a W-2

You’re still waiting for your W-2. You know you’re getting a refund, and you want to file your return, something you can’t do until you receive your annual wage statement. In early February, you can afford to wait a few more days. The form doesn’t have to be in your hands by Jan. 31. That’s simply the date that employers must send out W-2s. Call your company’s payroll office, and make sure it is in the mail.
Guess what I’m doing today? Yes, printing w-2s for the employees. Peachtree screwed me over and didn’t get me the correct tax tables, so I’ve had to reenter my data into a secondary program to print the forms. Blech-o!

I’ve also got quarterly taxes and year-end forms to process and mom’s got them all. delightful.

So here’s a tax tip for you guys:
Which tax return form should you use? There’s great info here about picking the correct form - be it 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. I’ll be doing the full 1040 this year, I believe. But I’ll do it with the help of TaxAct Deluxe... a handy cheap program to enter all the data into. It’s way helpful - I’ve been using this company’s programs for 3 or 4 years now, and this year, I got a version that would allow me to e-file smile Coolness! smile

Edited to say: I hate doing all this shit at the last minute. Its not all my fault that I waited... it just is obnoxious! And overwhelming


Yay! I got TurboTax, but no returns yet, EEEK.

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