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mhd: odd day

Today hasn’t quite turned out the way I was planning. Not for the bad, just oddly.

I woke up at 8 something and ate breakfast after kissing my sweet boy goodbye. I watched a bit of TV - I had missed part of The Wish last night (buffy) and so I got to see the end of it this morning. I got up and surfed for a little while, and then climbed back into bed until 11.

@11, the phone rang. It was my littlest sister, Lisa. She was at the transit center about a mile away and had missed the bus, so she wanted to know if it was a good time to come over. Mom had refused to pick her up when Lisa found out school was cancelled. :sigh: So we hung out and talked and I made her a sandwich and we watched Charlie’s Angels. We both talked to Megan and IMed with Matthew. We bitched about school/work, and I told her about what was going on w/me. And then Mom finally very reluctantly came and got her around 5:30. She’s really bitchy about helping people sometimes, and that really bothers me.

So not much of my normal MHD things got done. I feel bad about that.

And then E called from Eugene and said he still wasn’t done with something he was working on down there and probably wont' be home until 8. So I didn’t get to even really cook dinner for him... I’m eating rice and corn and jiffy cornbread muffins. I’m getting caught up on my daily reads and watching buffy. I know that my email is behind, but I’m exhausted. Last night, I barely made it into bed before falling asleep.

So hi. welcome to my odd day!


mmm....but sometimes there’s nothing like a little carb overload to make the day better. mmm.... yummy.

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