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Britney Commercials - even if Britney’s not your fav, you have to admit that this is cool - she filmed a commercial from each era (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and the new milleneum). And they have clips from it all up here to vote on which one will be on the super bowl this weekend.

I think they should play them all as a series, personally, but... smile


That is pretty cool. *g* I voted DooWop, but I agree, a series would be fun. LOL She’s hosting and performing on SNL this week, too, did you see? I think I’ll watch, see if she’s any good. Kate wants to see her movie, so if she’s fun at SNL, I might go with. *g* I can’t imagine she’s a very poor actress. After all, what else is she doing at every concert? She’s sure not singing! LOL

On WGN morning news in Chicago they played each one in series. Bill and I stopped getting ready for work to just sit and watch. It was pretty neat! I think it’s amazing marketing if that got us to stop from our rushed routine to see a preview of a commercial?!?

They were played as a series on the news tonight. I like the takeoff of "Simply Irresistible" smile

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