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this or that 012901

I’m doing Ashley’s This or That for Tuesday!

  • Soap operas or operas? Soap Operas
  • Flowers or chocolates? both are so good.... flowers make me happier longer, though
  • Kiwi or strawberries? strawberries. particularly the ones in my strawberry lemonade last night smile
  • Netscape or IE? IE smile
  • Mac or PC? PC
  • 800x600 resolution or higher? 1280x1024! woo hoo for high resolution and seeing lots smile
  • NBC or ABC? wow, I don’t think I’ve watched a lot of either lately - ABC soaps rock, though smile
  • House or apartment? We rent a townhouse. (just like Ashley!)
  • The word "apathetic" or the word "complacent"? complacent. "Self Satisfied" rather than "Indifferent"

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