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told leonard

I just told my brother about the fact that I’m leaving.

I told him that I felt so much better about leaving because he was being so responsible and working so hard. Its true. He agreed that this is gonna have a big impact, and I know he’s sad (maybe that’s not the right word, but he feels bad). He suggested that maybe some pot after work every day would calm my actively thinking brain better than paxil. :giggle: hmmm... But he did seem to understand my reasoning - my health issues are important, and he knows that I want to have kids, and that having myself healthy before even considering that is a good idea. He said he was thinking about that himself, and the fact that he’s getting older too makes him think about wanting kids.

I almost cried telling him. I really wanted it to be on dad’s shoulders to make the announcement, but dad’s ignoring the fact that I’m leaving, I think. Or he just doesn’t know what to do. But at least Leonard knows.


Is Leonard your brother?

Yep, Leonard is my brother (the oldest one). He’s 23, and works here with me at the family business. He recently took over as production manager because we fired the screw-off who was doing it before. This has given him a new sense of responsiblity, and he’s been amazingly better about working with people, including me. My job is important to him because I do the inventory and production reordering, and I’m not sure who (if anyone) will be taking over that job... and it effects him directly.
Does that make more sense, Rach? smile

yeah, now it makes more sense. I know you’ve mentioned him lots of other times- but I didn’t know he was related to you.
So you TOTALLY work with family.

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