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update of style?

MSN WomenCentral / Beauty and Style

Somewhere between 18 and 29 we master the hemlength that suits, the eyeliner that flatters and the hairdo that takes three minutes to fix, then we get comfortable. And dated.
Uh huh. I feel a bit dated, since I’ve fallen into that comfortable rut. (well, I’m not even talking about the rut I’m in with my weight issues and not being able to wear my clothes. I mean in general before). I’ve been wearing jeans and sweater sets or khakis and stripey shirts - ya know, classicy oldnavy/ae/lerners. Basic makeup. Basic shoes. Probably quite a bit of stuff from the mid-late 90s smile So ya think its time that I added a few accessories to make a 2002-girl? smile So if you are like me, read the article smile


i love lerners and ae and i haven’t been to either in ages. i think we should go shopping together. heehee. that would be fun. even imagining it is fun for today smile

heh. i don’t want to get out of my comfortable rut. i love lerners and aero, and my new black loafer thingys, and my wooden clogs.

i figure as long as i get a couple of new sweaters a year, i’m updating myself. LOL smile

That’s really interesting! It’s weird how we just hang onto certain styles and don’t try new things. The thing is, it seems that fashion is always changing and if you go for the newest looks you’ll end up being "out of style" by the time you wear it! lol