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NKOTB story


E was reading his email, and I just had to recount a story that his friend B told the group of guys. B’s girlfriend, A, had some old stuff in the truck. B was going through it and found a tape. Ha ha, he laughed. It’s New Kids on the Block. Let’s play it, just for fun. He popped it in the tape deck of his car. Tee hee, what fun, old silly boy-bands. After listening for a few minutes and laughing, he turned it off and pushed the eject button. Uh oh, nothing happens. He pushed harder. The tape is STUCK!

So now, B’s gonna have to go and get the tape removed, but then they’ll find out he was listening to NKOTB! LOLOL!!!!

Tee hee, isn’t that fun?! smile


teeheehee that is *too* funny! cause you know that noone will believe his story - even if it’s true. LOL smile

Now that IS funny! smile hahahahahahaha!

That is sooooooooooo funny! Man, hysterical! Thanks for the good laugh!

now *that* is an embarrasing moment that I bet he’ll never forget. tounge out lol poor guy.. haha