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start off right

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m gonna start my day off positive. I’m gonna believe that today is a new day, and give it my best, just like I should. Start out with positivity and maybe it will infuse my jobs through the day.

I actually sat here at my desk and put on my makeup, instead of just hurriedly putting on some mascara and calling it good. I feel more put together when I actually take the time to do it.

I’ve got my cherry coke and a water - cherry coke to help wake me up, and water for my health.

I’m sorting some files on the computer, and getting prepared to spend the next hour before Annette gets here entering as much of the next months (June) statement entries as I can, because I have to do that in single-user.

After that, i’ll give myself a break to finish reading my blogs and leaving some love-notes for my friends, who are so very good to me.

Good Morning smile


Just sing that anti-tobaco company "Let’s All Focus on the Positive" jingle—always makes me giggle! wink

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