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amazon profit

News: Shocker: Amazon posts a profit

In a fourth quarter marked by strong international sales and cost cutting, Amazon.com on Tuesday reported its first-ever net profit, on record sales, delivering on its promises to Wall Street.
Wow! I wonder how they have been doing it for this much time w/o making a profit? I am glad that I purchased stuff from them at Christmas again this year, to help in this profit making ;) I really like Amazon, and think they should make it. 'Specially with all of the alliances they’ve made - Target and ToysRUs are on board, and that’s gotta help.

I am sure that I’ll take advantage of their new shipping deal now that they have it more than at Christmas. Usually, when I’m buying something, I can group it together with another purchase, and then having it right at my doorstep is so much easier than going out and getting something.

So anyhow, yay for them for making a profit! smile

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