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advances in cable

Telecommunications News - Microsoft bCentral

Last week a group of Silicon Valley business moguls, in a group called TechNet, launched an effort calling on President Bush and Congress to support the goal of making broadband connections available to every American home by the end of this decade.
Today only about 10 percent of U.S. households with Internet connections have broadband. Further, the expansion rate for DSL phone lines and cable modem connections slowed markedly during 2001.
Rick White, chief executive of TechNet, said he hopes President Bush will make it a national goal to make connections of 100 million bits a second to 100 million homes and businesses in the next eight years. Today’s high-speed connections run at 1.5 million bits a second or less.
"The biggest thing the government can do is to establish this goal," said White.

Wow, can you imagine 100 million bits a second? I mean, I started out with whatever was before a 14.4.... and now I’ve got a cable modem at home that is super fast... and I look forward to more advances in the field over the next years. Woo hoo for high speed!

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