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globe and ford

From MSN Entertainment / News:

Action-star Everyman Harrison Ford was honored with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Cecil B. DeMille Award, for "outstanding contribution to the entertainment field"--or more specifically, 35 movies over four decades, including Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Witness, The Fugitive and Patriot Games.

If I would have know this, I might have watched the Globes smile I do so love Harrison Ford smile


He was very humble it was sweet. Im sure you can see clips of it on E or some other place like that

He looked like he was in pain and miserable the whole time Ben Affleck was talking. And then when he got up to accept it - well, he did sound humble and sweet, I think he is a wonderful man in that way - but he also sounded slow & slurred. Like a stroke victim almost. Made me wonder about his health. Maybe it was just me. I think he looked sad while he was listening because ... well, Ben is about to play *his* role in a Tom Clancy movie. Maybe he was feeling old. But he does look super happy in the post award pictures over at Yahoo!

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