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vivid scary dreams

How can my dreams seem so real? I swear I’ve had this dream before. It was scary, and very real, and I don’t like having men chase me around to be mean. I know this isn’t a movie I’ve watched, because of particular features that only I would know. I guess that I shouldn’t have watched a scary movie before bed!

So I’m up, and drinking water, and configuring something new for a special friend. Pretty soon, my eyes will be sleepy, and I’ll feel just sleepy enough to move downstairs to my futon to watch tv until the sleepiness overwhelms me smile


today is monday which means it’s positives day! smile come share your positives - participation positives!

Oh yay, thanks for reminding me, Jess!!! smile

butterflyangelheartlaughingsadsadsadsadlaughinglaughinglaughingohhohhohh " im not lyin i swear im scared 2 death sad!!!!!!

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