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morning noises

Morning noises amaze me. Everything is so quiet that you really can take the time to listen and think. What do I hear with my little ears?
A plane taking off from PDX.
E’s computer doing a big scandisk thing.
The Sunday paper hitting the door.
A train going down the gorge.
The heat going in the bedroom.
My fingers clinking on the keyboard.
Some soft music playing from winamp.

What do you hear? Its really fun to listen smile


Blues Clues on the TV. The scrapping sound of a shovel on concrete (Next door neighbor shoveling their snowy walk). The "whurr" of my laptop. smile

My husband’s coughing (he’s got a cold); the clicking of my fingers on my keyboard; the low hum of my computer; some stupid song stuck in my head; and silence outside.

- Water runnin on the kitchen sink
- Birds chirping
- Kids playing on the street
- A dog barking far away
- The fridge’s door opening and closing
- ...and I smell pizza!!

I think that’s my cue to run to the kitchen now. smile

Right now I hear
-The fan on in the bathroom
-My son running around upstairs
-My stomach making nasty gorking sounds
-The television upstairs mumbling...I can’t make out the words
-I just belched...my stomach is now quiet

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