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weekend thoughts

I’ve taken two naps this morning. But my headache is still coming and going. My back is just so tight, that I’m sure that’s part of the reason the headache is on that side of my head, just like the giant knot is on that side of my back.

I got to go over and see the kids last night - Megan came home again for the weekend (to be with Matthew), and so I went over there for a few hours after work. Matthew tested out my blood sugar to show me what he has to do (I was an 88 - healthy is between 80 and 140, so I was a little low). We found that Matt is still experimenting about what foods he can have to keep him from being starving at meals. He just threw all his food straight in his mouth as soon as it was dinner time. We all went to the grocery store after E came, and he looked around for things w/o carbs to snack on, and found some jello. I think I’ll do some research for him on some diabetes sites for ideas smile

Meg tried to convince me to go to Church this morning, but I really didn’t want to go, and I’m glad I got some extra sleep anyhow. I think we are gonna order pizza once I am all the way awak and E’s gonna get some movies. Yippee!

I had some creativity last night and worked on a new design for a very special girl. That’s so much fun smile I can’t wait to set it all up smile

So that’s where I’m at in my weekend morning thoughts. I hope that the weekends of all you girls I hold dear are going just happily too!! smile


I hope you’re feeling better by now and can enjoy the weekend—headaches just suck! :-\

Get better soon!

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