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card ideas

Card and Stamping Ideas by Impress Rubber Stamps - I am in love with rubber stamps. I have so many ideas in my head that I could do. And seeing sites like this, even as briefly as I had time to make it through one page, make me even more enthused. I have a craft desk just for this very purpose. I can’t wait until my time and creativity work TOGETHER so I can sit down and make beautiful things once again smile

link via notmartha smile


Thanks for the great link Kristine! I love rubber stamping too. smile I bought a set to use for the wedding but haven’t had a chance to use them yet. But I think this year I might try to make my own Valentines. It’s be a cute, fun idea.

A fellow blogger/stamper—the intersection of my worlds! (Well, two of them, anyway.) Some of my own favorite stamp sites are:


Just thought I’d share.

Oooh, I’ve just gotten into rubber stamping myself! It’s SO addicting I swear. LOL! And ideas? The ideas just run rampant! Weeee!!!!!

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