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This morning before I tried to go back to sleep, there was an interview show on tv about synesthesia [link2]. This is a condition where some people have a second sensary experience when using another sense. For example, when one woman heard music, she saw colors in addition to hearing. And they’ve done tests on people like this, and the other part of their brain really does activate.

It was really interesting, so I thought I’d look for an article or two on it, just to learn a little more.


Oooh, I read something about that in an article a couple of months ago. I believe it was Time magazine. Maybe you could do a search for it over there! smile

you know, this actually happens to me all the time... for instance, when i am listening to music, i either see colors, or i sometimes see, like, a scrolling sheet of music notes... like, as the music plays, there’s a giant roll of sheet music in front of me, and i see the notes light up as they’re played. i’ve always thought is was a cool "feature" of my wiring ;)

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