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I feel blechy. My eyes are way tired, my back hurt pretty bad, and my joints are all hurting. I feel bad because after I tried to write out my diet, I realized that there’s no way that I’ll keep my sugar intake under control based on the guidelines, and that makes me sad. I’m trying SO hard to be healthy. I almost made it to the recommended vegetable guidelines for the day, and ate TONS of fruit. But then I found out that even my grape juice has more sugar in it than the daily recommended 4t (its got 39g=~10t). What the hell, how will I get my fruit in w/o going way over in sugar? :sigh: So that made me a bit depressed, but I had a little ice cream anyhow. Buffy’s on, but I have a headache and don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay up. My dad tried to talk to me about work options today, and that’s so much for my brain to think about tonight. And I’m tired from not enough sleep for a few nights in a row, as usual. Oh, and I feel like a bad friend because I owe Zal, Rina, Candi, email from more than 2 days ago, and more people from email during the last day or so. And I didn’t even make it thru my reads list tonight.

See, I’m just blah-some. don’t mind me, I’ll be more like myself tomorrow when its my day off and I’ve gotten some sleep smile I promise smile


I hope you feel better soon Kristine!

i could be wrong, but i don’t think that grape juice and fruit sugars count towards the 4t a day. i’m pretty sure that the 4t is for refined sugar (like in all things yummy - chocolate and cherry coke)

not that that info helps much, but maybe it will make you not feel so bad.

i love you and hope you feel better tomorrow and have a super happy day off! smile

Do you know about the glycemic index? The glycemic index of food is a ranking of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Try going to http://www.glycemicindex.com/. It can help you choose fruits and other things you like that will have less affect on your blood sugar levels... which could be causing many of your feelings of fatigue, etc. For instance, choose to eat plain fresh strawberries rather than grape juice.

Why not take a couple of weeks of cutting out ALL sugar to see how you feel? If you could adjust your mental and physical well-being by changing the way you eat, would you?

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