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this or that: 011502

Yay for Ashley! I’m doing her This-or-that again this week smile

  1. Wine or beer? neither.
  2. Mustard or Ketchup on Hot Dogs? Ketchup.
  3. Spring or Winter? I love spring. The buds are coming out on the trees, and its so wonderful to be coming out of winter. And besides, I really like April 25 ;)
  4. Cinemas or theater? cinemas.
  5. Gold or silver? Silver all the way, baby! (unless its white gold, which is on my ring smile )
  6. Footlose or fancy-free? Hmmm... Good question
  7. Lasagne or spaghetti? Spaghetti, although lasagna is a close second ;)
  8. Spinach or carrots? Carrots. baby carrots are a mainstay of my new diet smile
  9. The number 2 or the number 6? 2. smile
  10. Pink or purple? I’m a purple girl!!! smile (couldyaguess?)

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