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another day

Its another day. If I count my way through the time that I told my dad I would be continuing, its only 13 workdays that I have left as a regular employee.

Dara helped me change my outlook on yesterday, by reminding me that it was probably better to just walk away from the situation. After thinking about it, she’s right, because it was a pointless fight, and not worth my energy.

The outpouring of friendship and love that came into me makes me know that I can make it, and fufill my promise to my dad.

I’m gonna keep my door closed today, and plan to work on the projects on my desk, but not attempt to talk to my mom unless absolutely necessary. Its pointless and makes me too upset.

notes to self: fax unemployment forms for chris, update peachtree tax tables manually?

Its time to wake up E, but I just wanted to thank all of you, and let you know that I’m feeling stronger this morning. {{hugs}}

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