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the other half

I had never heard of this show - The Other Half: unique among daytime TV talk shows for women - but I flipped through the channels this morning and swore I saw Mario Lopez. Yuppers! I still love him from the days of Saved by the Bell. Should I be admitting that? ;)


yeah, that was him.

I was more of a Zach fan. smile But now he bugs me.

Oh gosh, I loved the original cast though I was a few years older than them. Loved Mario and Mark-Paul. Thought Lark was the cutest girl, Elizabeth cool (being smart but now the actress is not so cool), and Tiffani a little too barbie-ish for me.

I knew he was doing a talk show but I didn’t know which one until a couple of weeks ago when I caught that show too. His hair is different but those dimples are still the same. LOL! My husband actually met him and Mark-Paul several years back at a hotel we used to work for. Unfortunately, I was off that day. sad

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