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Happy Mental Health Day!

I got so much sleep last night. I took some more cough meds to just try and knock the last bit of the tickle out of my throught, and man did they work. I almost missed waking E up actually. And then I slept until 10. That’s like 11 hours of sleep, omigoodness!

I had some very outrageous dreams last night. From the excitement of being a kept woman in a chic hotel to a graduation party that featured food givaways and a treasure hunt inside the mall. wow, they were so vivid.

Things I’d like to accomplish, now that I’m awake.

  • Laundry - wash sheets dark load; take care of clean clothes
  • clean kitchen - unload dishwasher, load dishwasher shine sink, wipe down counters
  • take a walk to get the mail
  • work on development for my new domain
  • straighten craft closet
  • cook real mac & cheese for dinner, maybe something fun to go with
  • clean bathrooms
  • reply to some email
  • scan cards in
  • relax

My brain is still a bit fuzzy and overthoughtful after my cold meds and dreams and sleeping in! So I’ll start off with some relaxing and go from there.

edited to add Ooops. I laid back down around noon and took another hour+ nap. I guess I was *really* tired.

May each of you find something relaxful in your day as well.

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