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still sick

I woke up coughing. My nose isn’t feeling so stuffy as this weekend, but my coughing makes my whole lungs rattle. That’s the opposite of normal - usually I get head colds, not chest colds. I took a nyquill-type pill before I went to bed to try and help it, but I didn’t notice if it did. I just took a zinc lozenge - ick! My mouth feels all icky and metally now!! Cough syrup - 44D - helps a bit, but not for very long.

And hey, how could I have taken care of myself more than yesterday? I had chicken noddle soup, rested, took naps, drank lots of water and orange juice, took vitamin C, and stayed warm. Seems like all of that should have helped and made me all better!

Oh well, I guess I’ll do my best to stay warm today at work, wear fuzzy socks and comfy clothes and drink lotsa water, and hopefully that’ll be enough to make me feel better smile


kristine - i hope you feel better! i was sick a few weeks ago - not fun!

Take some zinc girl. I hear it works wonders for making colds disappear faster. smile

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