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tikki tikki tembo

As I was cleaning up my room, I came across some of the Christmas presents I brought home from CA and hadn’t put away yet. One of them was the Tikki Tikki Tembo book. I had told my mother-in-law that I was starting to collect some of the childhood books that I had as a kid to be able to read to my kids. So she got me copies of 5 of E and Craig’s fav childhood books - isn’t that the sweetest? smile

Anyhow, so I remember having a record of Tikki tikki tembo when I was little, so I skimmed through the book. I *swear* that the story on my record was somewhat different! This book calls him Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo. I am not sure how to spell my version, since its been YEARS since I listened to it, but here’s my best guess: Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochi. And they called him Long-name-no-can-say in my record. But there’s no mention to that in this book.

Does anyone have memories of this as a kid? My siblings are backing me up, but I haven’t gone to my mom’s house to dig through the records.... maybe we just made this all up :giggle:


The version I remember is the one in the book Eric’s mom gave you!

same here.... except i remember rikki tikki tembo, not tikki tikki tembo.

With my sister and I (and I e-mailed her to make sure!) it was Tikki-Tikki-Tembo, the version in the book that E’s mom gave you. Another one of favorite childhood books was "Where the Wild Things Are"

I have that book! Loved it as a kid... i think it’s the name smile

I remember the same version as the book...

My son forwarded this e-letter exchange to me. He was the one that listened to a tape of this story as a child, that I got somehow. A copy. I don’t know who the narrator was, but it could have been someone like Art Linkletter. The storyteller was definitely comfortable with media performance.

I still have it, but I would have to dig for it. It was tikki tikki tembo no sarembo, oh ma mu-tchi, gamma gamma gu-tchi...like you remember. Of course, there is this sing-song lilt to the whole thing.

I think the storytelling is nicer than the book, except that there is a reference to the stereotype of a Chinese Laundry. The background "music" makes the story and the pauses and the predictable parts always warm a child’s heart.

I loved listening to the story quite myself. I dug the tape out a couple of years ago and my son and I enjoyed the listening.

How would you get in touch? The e-address won’t be displayed when I post this.
Well, ... I have a Christian faith webpage. You can send an e-mail through the guestbook or e-mail function. That way I don’t have to reveal more than I want.


MoM xoxoxoxoxo
Mother to Vaughn TM

Hi, again,

Oh,...I re-read the last posting and it was clear as mud.

There is the book that most of you remember. I was written long after the record came out. I venture to guess that the name change to publish the book came about, because of copyright reasons.
I have seen this book, but was NEVER tempted to buy it, since the other version is the one close to our hearts.

Three cheers to: Long-Name-No-Can-Say!

By the way, we gave short names to our children!
The story was of course to explain why Chinese children and families now have short names.

On the record, the child with the long name was always accompanied by musicians who had to play this particular tune everytime his name was said. The record has the tune repeated for our fun. Now, when he fell into the well, they couldn’t get him out, since they had to play every time his name was said. The other helpers were also bunglers.
The poor overweight boy was in the well many days. He was brought food...and his whims were probably catered to...and then of course, there is the happy resolution.

Bye for now.

Hello, once again.

I just KNEW where to find this tape. Having fun listening once again!

Hey, the NAME was NICKY-NICKY Tembo,.....

The narrator identified himself as Paul Wing.
(This may be a pseudonym.)-
The record label RCA - Camden CAL 1044.

Well, I wonder if the CBC Music library has a copy!?!
I wouldn’t mind having a copy of the label.
Love, MoM xoxoxo

Hi, again,

Talking about favourites, there is of course,
"Rikki Tikki Tavi" by Rudyard Kipling.

Disney has an adaption for children.
The mongoose-hero-saviour is the best!
Then again, the story is set in colonial India with an English nuclear family.
Have a great day.
Love, MoM xoxoxo

I grew up in South Western ontario, where PC isn’t a statement its a way of life, so listening to this record as a chile helped shape my wit and sense of humour.

My grandparents bought that record for my aunt back in 1950 and I was listening to it in 1980. Just to read the comments on this record you have left gives me little goose bumps, bringing back fond memories of times long forgotten, thank you for this little time to smile and relax.

P.S. I never was able to find that record after 1983.

I remember a record with Long Name No Can Say. Something about him being too large to get out and having to stay in the well untill he lost enough weight to be pulled out. I remember it a Nikki Nikki Tembo... 'tho

I’ve been looking all over for the record "Long-name-no-can-say". It was Nicky-Nicky-Tembo-no-so-Rembo.... The Ticki Ticki Tembo is the new "politically correct" version. I do know that it was a 1965 RCA record with Snow White on the other side. My eight siblings and I loved to listen to that record. If anyone knows where to find a copy... please post the info.


Hello, again,
Listen.... I have a copy of the Long-Name-No-Can-Say/Nicky-Nicky Tembo version. I copied it unto casette many years ago. Narrator: Paul Wing.
As stated it is a RCA-Cambden CAL 1044 label.
I dutifully wrote this info on my casette copy.

If Maureen’s info meshes with mine, then this record was issued in 1965 with a Snow White story on the other side. I do not have the Snow White story.

Jason Miners says that his grandparents bought the record in 1950.

I don’t know how to reconcile the publishing date info.

Anyway,... if you want to hear the story, contact me through

I remember that record, with Paul Wing’s kindly voice making every word enjoyable. (I understand Mr. Wing passed away last month.) I remember the full name being "Nicki Nicki Tembo-No So Rembo-Ooo Mah Moochi-Gahma Gahma Goochi."
I forgot what was on the other side. I did recently find Wing’s rendition of "The Little Engine That Could", which is combined with three Winnie the Pooh tales read by Jimmy Stewart. As I write, at least one copy of that record is available on eBay and can
be found by doing a search for "Little Engine That Could" on the main page. Good luck, and thanks for sharing!

Just looked up "long name no can say". We had a recording in the early 40s. I remember it as "Nicky Nicky Timbo Umamuchi gamma gamma guchie, long name no can say"
In the 70s I happend to hear a native in the Marshall Islands saying the same thing more or less as a joke. If I remember correctly, he said he heard it on a record as a song.

As children we LOVED Nikki Nikki Tembo and by co incidence my sister and I were discussing it ... if anyone has found a copy of the words on computer (or something) PLEASE let me know


Oh wow - I know so few people that have even heard of this book! I still have the copy my mother purchased when I was a child (over 25 years ago) and the name is Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo. Too cool!


maureen or anyone that knows about nikki nikki tembo,
has anyone found this or know the record it came off of? I had it as a kid. I seem to remember the cover being llike a patchwork quilt, lots of pictures to look at. Teddybears picnic was on that record too. It was a big LP 33 1/2. I loved looking at that cover. Anyone with info, please email me at sockie24@iowatelecom.net and put long name no can say in the subject line so I don’t delete it when I don’t recognize your name. Thank you!!!

Can anyone create a MP3 file of the story and post it somewhere? Some of you say you actually have the tape.


We were read that book at school. I never heard the record.

I am looking, too for books I had as a child (or ones that were on Playschool, LOL). Did you read the story of Ping, the duck who got trapped on the Yangtsee (sp) river? Oh, fond memories.

My first grade teacher used to read this all the time and I loved it so much that my mother found a copy of the book for me. Our version was Rikki-Tikki-Tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo.

I just loved that story and never tired of hearing it much to my mother’s dismay! =)

I vaguely remember performing Ticki-ticki-tembo as a play all the way back in first grade (I was the narrator). But for whatever reason, I distinctly remember the name being Ticki-ticki-tembo-no-so-rembo-ick-ah-nah-noo-nah-call-ah-rah-tembo.

I recall the name as being pronounced:

There are two different versions: the older version was Nicki Nicki Tembo and the new (more politically correct) version is Ticki Ticki Tembo. I’ve heard both stories and they have similarities but I prefer the first version.


and there ya are

Well thanks to MoM/GGK who sent me the Nikki Tikki Tembo tape I recorded it onto my computer and cleaned it up a little and created an MP3 of it. Mind you the story is long so the MP3 is 21 Megs, but I will have it available to those who wish to download it for as long as I can. The URL will be
http://www.bonedaddyband.com/mp3/nikkitembo.mp3. This is the original Paul Wing version with the not so PC storytelling.
There you go..


It seems some people are having trouble with the above link supplied so I am pffering it again.


Copy the above link and place it into your browser’s address window.

Hi, My kids were telling me the story (book) of Tikki Tikki Tembo, and it sounded similar to the record I knew as a child, but with a lot of differences. They laughed when I told them my version of the name. Now that I have read the above posts, it all makes sense. I am downloading the MP3 so they can hear the original version.

Thanks for prooving I was not imagining things!!

I have an original copy of the lp/record. Nicki Nicki Tembo... Is indeed on the flip side of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the RCA/Camden Cal 1044 label. It is a Chinese fable by H. Cramer adapted by Paul Wing and told by Paul Wing.
Our family has told this story since the 1960s and now all of our kids (now 4 and older) can recite the name of Nicki Nicki Tembo No So Rembo OO Ma Moochi Gumma Gumma Guchi.

Hello everyone. This was my FAVORITE story growing up, I remember it as rikki tikki tembo . It is heart wrenching that I cannot find my version on print, but I am still going to purchase the new version and (giggle,giggle) read it using rikki...ha..ha..
This was definately a classic in my eyes......I have enjoyed so much reading everyones memories about the all favorite fable..

Me again. I have to tell you I feel like such a tool. If the record in question is in fact on the flip side of the Snow White album, then I have had it in my hands as recently as last year. But damnned if I can’t remeber where I put it or what I did with it. I am going to comb the basement to find it. Wish me luck.

Oh I also tried to find the "ooh ma muchi" version on numerous record coolector sites but to no avail. If anyone has any info on where I can order this record or say pay another owner a hefty sum to aquire it, I would be more than happy to hear from them.

What a coincidence. My brother just flew in to town after a worldwide trip of about 9 years.we reminisced on a bottle of fair scotch whisky till we remembered some old danny kaye stories and of sourse...Long name no can say.we laughed hysterically and set out to find a copy for my kids to listen to.Not this week.its easier to find chicken teeth!Thanks for the mp3.

Hi - My kids when they were little (now 27 & 28) used to listen to Nicki Nicki Tembo on a cassette in the car when we took trips. The tape had Snow White on the other side - I just got the LP from Ebay (it’s a little warped), but can’t find the cassette - anyone know where I might be able to get it - the original was produced by RCA. I would like a copy for when I ever have grandchildren!!!

My four brothers, and I, also had the LP with the Story of Long-Name-No-Can-Say on it. I’m sure we wore it out from overuse, and, I’m sure that I can still recite large parts of it from memory 38 years later. The boy’s name (phonetically) was "Niki niki tembo no so lembo oo ma muchi gamma gamma gucci." His sisters were "Humpf, Mumpf, Gumpf and Lumpf," and his younger brother was Yen. There were lots vividly descriptive, very politically incorrect, lines in the story: I can still picture Niki Niki Tembo walking down the street, with the "sweat pouring down his chins, like a cascade of waterfalls," with the village people whispering "Fat Boy very very funny. He all wet. Look like drowned Rat" behind his back. I laugh now remembering the narrator, Peter Wing, explaining in very serious tones, that "that is why Chinese people have such short names, like Lee and Wu and Po, and other names that you see on Chinese laundries." Thanks for the memories.

I remember the nikki nikki tembo version as well. This was my favorite record as a kid. I took my record to school in grade one to share with with classmates for show and tell and some one stole it. I cried and cried. I am now 25 years old and will never forget the story. Thank you so much to the person who posted it for us to download. You made my day.

Thank goodness I’m not losing my memory!! There is an Oriental woman who works with me who told me that the name is Tikki Tikki Tembo-cheri bari ruchi-pip peri pembo, but that wasn’t the way I remembered it: I remembered Niki Niki Tembo-oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochie! It was told on a Danny Kaye record album and I like his version better. It’s easier to remember.

Thank goodness I’m not losing my memory!! There is an Oriental woman who works with me who told me that the name is Tikki Tikki Tembo-cheri bari ruchi-pip peri pembo, but that wasn’t the way I remembered it: I remembered Niki Niki Tembo-oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochie! It was told on a Danny Kaye record album and I like his version better. It’s easier to remember.

I seem to remember (bear with me it’s been years!):
Rikki tikki tembo no sarimbo hoi poi box nee poi pon pon rikki pon pon nikki no me adam poi.....does this sound familiar to anyone?

I seem to remember (bear with me it’s been years!):
Rikki tikki tembo no sarimbo hoi poi box nee poi pon pon rikki pon pon nikki no me adam poi.....does this sound familiar to anyone?

I seem to remember (bear with me, its been years!):
rikki tikki tembo no sarimbo hoi poi box nee poi pon pon rikki pon pon nikki no me adam poi........does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hello, Mr. Slate at bonedaddyband.com,

I hope I’m not too late to get in on that mp3. I have my brilliant son working on the download from his room at college. I can’t seem to find it/get to it.

It could be incredible to have this recording at my parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration in St. Cloud MN this summer. I have 8 siblings and one of my brothers lives in China with his wife and 3 little boys so there would be special meaning in having access to this folktale once again.

Thank you so much.

I had the album as a kid and I remember it as Niki-Niki Tembo o so rembo ooma muchi gumma gumma guchi. I would love to find a copy of this album for my daughter and neice and nephew if anyone knows where to find it.

the book i read in our grade school library circa late 1960’s had the name "Tikki Tikki Tembo No-sa-rembo Chari Bari Roochi Pippi Perri Pembo". I have had it memorized the last 40 years and now I can feel complete. i hate to ruin your childhood fantasy, but if i recall Tikki was a Maoist.

flower This is sooooooo funny...... Was just emailing to a cousin of mine who used to sing that song with me ....... We sang it as 'Niki Niki Tembo No So Rembo Oooo Ma Moochie Gamma Gamma Goochie' (with quite an accent on Goochie) !!!!!!!!!!! We would sing it while jumping on the bed and fall to our behinds at the Goochie part !!!!!!!!! That’s what brought me to this site.......curiosity if others sang this, too !!!!!!!!! I am smiling at how differently everyone remembers this.............flower

I’m looking for a copy of nikki nikki tembo...
to read to my grand kids.
does anyone know where I can get a copy
of the book or of a recording on record or tape?
thanks for the help...

Im looking for a copy of nikki nikki tembo...
to read to my grand kids.
does anyone know where I can get a copy
of the book or of a recording on record or tape?
thanks for the help...

where can i find a copy of this book or recording by paul wing , my mother used to read this to us and we listen to it on a record back in the 60s

I happened upon this site because I was looking for "Toto Timbo" which was the name of our cat when I was a child 70 YEARS AGO and our mother had said the name came from Rudyard Kipling! I’ve searched the web to no avail - what a strange mystery - does anyone know about TOTO TIMBO (or Tembo, never knew the spelling.......)?

I remember listening to the record some 35 years or so ago at a family friends house. I only heard it once but it was so funny I remember going to school the next day and shared it during show and tell. As I recall, his name was Nikki Nikki Tembo No So Limbo Uma Goochie Gaba Gaba Uchi. It was about an over weight Chinese boy who fell into a large hole. He was so heavy that he had to slim down before they could get him out.

I remember listening to the record some 35 years or so ago at a family friends house. I only heard it once but it was so funny I remember going to school the next day and shared it during show and tell. As I recall, his name was Nikki Nikki Tembo No So Limbo Uma Goochie Gaba Gaba Uchi. It was about an over weight Chinese boy who fell into a large hole. He was so heavy that he had to slim down before they could get him out.

My brother and sisters and I loved this story when we were kids. I’m not sure which version we had—Paul Wing or Danny Kaye—But I am sure it was "gamma gamma goochie" I thought it had Riki Tiki Tavi on the other side. Does anyone remeber that version?

My brother and sisters and I loved this story when we were kids. I’m not sure which version we had—Paul Wing or Danny Kaye—But I am sure it was "gamma gamma goochie" I thought it had Riki Tiki Tavi on the other side. Does anyone remeber that version?

flowerTo Steve Justino...our stories are exactly the same! I even have four brothers...wish I still had my album though.
Does anyone remember a record set of 12 LPs that had a different theme on each record? One had bible story songs; one had traditional folk songs; one was highlights from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado, Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore; one of the best was of fairy tales like Puss and Boots and the Ugly Duckling...does any of this sound familiar?

I have the Paul Wing version of Nikki Nikki Tembo on my hard drive. It is a large MP3 file (21MB), but I am happy to send it to anyone that wants it!

Steve Justino,
Could you please send me the mp3 file. I just ordered the hard cover version of the Tikki Tikki version as my 4yr old daughter has been coming back from daycamp singing it, but I would also like to be able to play the version that I heard when I was a kid (Nikki Nikki)

gatto DOT r AT insightbb DOT com

Just remove the spaces, change DOT to . and AT to @
Need to write it that way to avoid all the spam from those #@!$ webcrawlers! The link on my name is invalid also.

Thanks for the file!


Hi! I love that old Nikki recording!! My sister and I used to listen to it as kids and recite it when we played outside. She recently divorced. I’d love to get a copy and send it to her to remind her of simpler times. Anyone know how to get an MP3 of it?

Here it is, The Nikki Tikki Tembo Web Page. Here is where you can go to download the story you all remember, but not accurately. I got the download to be 10 MB or so without loss of quality. The tape I from which I made the MP3 was not the greatest quality, so I beefed it up in my studio, hopefully it is good enough to correct your siblings on who was really right.. Nikki Tikki, or Rikki Tikki. ha ha!

The Link: http://www.visi.com/~tmarx/index.htm

Right click over the Rickshaw or the link and choose "Save Target as..." and save it to your hard drive. The download it 10.48 MB. Better then the original 21 MB.


I used to listen to that story on an old audio tape. I remember the name quite well because I told it my English-speaking friends.

It’s really great how Paul Wing related it.

I remember that both songs were on the same LP but I was really young and usually not in charge of the old record player we had so I remenber rikki tikki tavy nu so rimbo uh ma moochie gamma gamma goochie, but after consulting with my older brother he said that there were two audio LP’s we had that were slightly different. One was about rikki tikki tavy a mongoose, and one was about nikki nikki tembo.... ... ... ...goochie, afat little boy, and the rikki tikki tavi one had the tom t hall song sneaky snake on it, as well as the story of how rikki tikki tavy battled with the snake. We however cannot find this Lp and are unsure if it was just our immaginations or what. Does anyone remember this album if so I would love to get an mp3 of the entire album.

I remember listening to the LP with my 5 brothers and sisters.
it was the nikki nikki tembo version.We all still talk about him. ha ha. What good times. I sure would love to find a copy to share with my grand daughter and my family at our next reunion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m 19 years old now, but I remember when I was 7 my second grade class was told the story of Rikki Tikki Tempo No-sa rembo....... I vaguely remember the story (although for some reason climbing a rope seemed part of it), but I specifically rememeber the first part of the name because the whole class had a kick out of repeating it.

I had been trying to find info on that book cause i hadnt read it in soooo many years. Thanks for the memories!

Thank you! I thought I was going nuts!

I have told so many people the story of Riki-Tiki Tembo, and NO ONE had ever heard of it. I thought maybe I had made it up in my dreams or something. It just happened to pop in my head, and I decided to look it up on the internet.

Good to know I am not crazy!

How fascinating... I had no idea this story had such a following! I read it in the late 70s as Niki Tiki Tembo No Sa Rembo Cheri Beri Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo and now I’m quite curious why there were two versions. Upon some investigation, I found there are actually many different incarnations of this story and it seems to have originated from a *Japanese* folk story. If you’d like more information on it, here’s the page: http://www.dalton.org/libraries/fairrosa/disc/tikki.html


I remember very well reading this long long story to my children at bedtime, it was one of their favorites stories. In fact, I have an 11 year old Pomeranian that my children gave to me as a Christmas Present and her name is
Rikki Tikki Tembo NoSa Rembo Chari Bari Roo Chee Pip Peri Pembo..... now my children are grown with children of their own and I want several copies of this book to give them as a memory gift. It is a Chinese fable about the two little boys, one with the great long name the other named Chan. I do not remember the author, if anyone does, please e-mail me. Thank you very much.

I had the book and 45 record as a kid in the 70s but it was Rikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo. I am amazed at how many versions there were.Was the little brother in the Sam in all the various versions or did his name change too?

I had this record back in the 60’s. I’ve been saying it to my son and he loves it. I’m like a lot of others posting, I thought I was going crazy. I had the gamma gamma goochie version. I Googled the title and that how I found you.

I had this record back in the 60’s. I’ve been saying it to my son and he loves it. I’m like a lot of others posting, I thought I was going crazy. I had the gamma gamma goochie version. I Googled the title and that how I found you.

I also had a version of the record as a child during the sixties. That I still have today at 43yo. It was called the story of long name no can say. Told to us kids by a story teller by the name of Paul wing. Who let us know of the little chinese boys real name wich was, "Niki Niki Tembo noso rembo uma muchi goma goma guchie". In my version. VERY scratched but it had been playable enough to make a recording of the story for my three sons who listend to it all the time as young children.

You are the best!! Our family debated because 2 generations remembered 2 stories...thanks for straightening it out for us!! And thanks for the info 'bout the records...we’ll go on a hunt now!

I remember (phonetically) rikki tiki timbo no sa rimbo cherry berry richi pip perry pimbo. I have tried to access some of the links posted, but I can’t actually find the books or MP3s or . . . Does anyone have any advice for a not so tech savvy person?

Hi Doug !
i just got the original (non PC) recording off of bonedaddy’s link...it’s the "Nikki Nikki Tembo" version, in MP3


You will need the Winamp Player to play it. Open your Winamp Player and then push the bonedaddy link.
When the box pops up.... push "Open"... let it download to your puter... and then go to Winamp and find the download ( I went to "Recent Items" and found it there) If you need any help.... let me know!
Good luck !



Thanks so much for the help. I tried it and it worked. The name in that version is different from the version I remember, but the story itself seems similar enough. Thanks again


I was on a similar quest for info on the Rikki Tikki Tembo story that I remember...this forum has been great. I learned the story in school while learning to read. We had either a phonograph or a cassette tape (can’t remember which) with headphones and a copy of the book. You listened to the narrator and read along. It was the "no sarembo cheri beri ruchi pip beri pembo" version. This would have been around 1972 - 1974 in Michigan.

i remember this book as a seond grader in elementary school. it was offered as a schoolastic selection. if any one born from 1964 or later will remember. it had no record as i recall because, some of the schoolastic things did come with a flimsy cheap vinyl disk. the version i remember was around the same time as where the wild things are around the early 70’s. i loved this book soooo much and still chant this phrase today. i am a buhdist and use this as may own personal mantra as i am sure many people my age do. it just sounds right and has the right rythym to it.

No problem, Doug... glad that it worked for you !
- Erin

Wow...My brother & I have talked about this song for years. My Mom has the LP at her house and I did record it onto a cassette some years ago for my children so they too could enjoy the story. They are now 10 & 7 yrs and can recite it pretty much by memory. Thanks so much for the download!


Hi, this thread is amazing. I started out trying to remember the full name of Nikki Nikki ... and did a Google search and ended up finding numerous variations and was able to download the recording.
I remember transferring the recording from vinyl to a reel to reel tape deck at my friends house when I was 11 (1970) . Pretty "techie" stuff at the time. We then went through the tape and erased the name Nikki ... everywhaere and replaced it with the shortest name we could think of , Ed.
At the time we thought it was the funniest thing we had every heard. I’m looking forward to sharing this story with my own kids.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the bonedaddy link. I was transported back 35 years when I heard the melody at the beginning of this story. I had to call my sister immediately so she could hear it too. I had been searching all over the web for this story! I am also looking for Wynken, Blynken and Nod. Anyone remember that one?

Re: Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel
Hi as a teen a friend and I used to drive Arlene to area librarys to tell her story of Tikki Tikki Tembo if I remember correctly Tikki Tikki Drowned because by the time his brother said all of his names it was too late to save him. I’m referring to Arlene’s book a retelling of this story by Arlene Mosel

Here is a link to the version I remember


Okay here it is, I am the guy who created the MP3 of Nikki Tikki Tembo, and created a Nikk page.

I am thinking about pulling the Nikki TIkki Tembo page and download. If anyone wants me to leave it up still, please let me know and I will consider it. Otherwise, please download the MP3 before it is pulled. It is 10 Megs and just sitting on one of my servers. Glad I could help bring back some memories. That was a fun one.

I remember Nicky Nicky Tembo from my childhood when visiting my cousins in Salinas, California. What a great memory!

I just recited part of the story to my daughters, now 13, 15, and 18. (they thought I was speaking in tongues and were going to get a Bible out to interpret!
So glad to have found you here- where can we hear the story again so that my daughters won’t institutionalize me?

I loved that story, but the way i always said it was:

it goes like this: riki tiki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip perry pimbo fell in the well....

Thanks Erin,
I have the album but it is in rough shape (child abuse). I was able to download and save it and will share it with my family thanks to you and "Bonedaddy?"

Un-fricken believible! I can’t believe I found this! I downloaded it and it’s the same one I listened to 40 years ago! It was on the flip-side of Snow White.

It definitely was Rikki Tikki tembo, I dont have a copy of the book, but I remember specifically and this whole Tikki Tikki tembo new version really threw me off.

I was starting to think that I was the only one that ever heard that song as a kid. It is amazing to me to see this many posts on a subject like this.

Thank you so much for posting this page. I am going to try and download the mp3 version. My mother and I have been looking for this everywhere. She, of course, wanted it for her grand children, and I want it for my boss, who very much reminds me of Nikki Nikki. The version we had when I was very little, some 40+ years ago, had the "Snow Queen" on the flip side. Both records were very memorable.

It was RIKKI (then the same as your book. I havent thought of it in over twenty years before tonight and got the whole thing exactly right, ie the same as in your book. i KNOW it was RIKKI Tikki Tembo with an R!!

Long live this kid’s story!! More parents should read it, seems kids are always falling into wells these days.

Great Memories! The version I heard as a kid was Riki Tiki Tembo. It seems there were four different versions of this story, as well as various readings and writings. Each a little different than the others, and each one written or performed by a different artist. One thing remains constant thoughout every version........we all loved the story - as politically incorrect as it was - we loved it!

Wow - My search really uncovered a goldmine !!

For what its worth, my recollection from 35 years ago is:

Rikki Tikki Tembo
No So Rembo
Ooh Mah Moochie
Gamma Gamma Goochie

I hope it is right because now my three year old is singing it along with me...

My 7yo daughter has a new friend named Nicky. Every time I see her I call her Nicky Nicky tembo-no sa rembo-oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochi. They always laugh but I had no idea where that name came from I explained. Just a memory from my childhood. I am so excited to have found this page with the story and the MP3. I am going to be a hero at my house tonight!

That was one of my favorite books as a little kid. "Where the Wild Things Are" was perhaps my favorite. It was definitely Tikki-Tikki-Tembo. Another amazing book was called something like "The Midnight Bakers" or something. There was another book where the little black boy saves a snowball and it melts in his coat, I loved that, the illustrations were great. haha "Peter Cottontai" was fantastic, as was "The Little Prince". Yet another perfect children’s book was "The Star Cleaners", that was soooooooooo good. Hadn’t thought of that one in years. These memories are simply awesome.

I have found a webpage to BUY new and/or used books of Ticki ticki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip peri pembo!!! for all those who have the same fond memories I do as a child but haven’t been able to find the book anywhere. Here it is: www.alibris.com. You can also use your search engine for the author’s name: Arlene Mosel. Good Luck Everyone. Mine will be delivered in hardcover on Nov. 14. I can hardly wait. I am so excited. I have searched garage sales, auctions, fair merchant buildings and everyother place imaginable.

My oldest son and I were just talking about the book he took home from school when he was in 1st Grade....I thought to my self "How am I ever gonna get through this book?" LOL
I did and the name has never left my mind...and the name I remember is "Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo."
I’d love to find a copy of the book to read to my 7 & 9 year old boys ...its a must read!!
Thanks for the memories of this great book!
and Son

Nikki Nikki Tembo o-so-rembo...etc...that was the version (on LP) my sister and I committed to memory. Now well into our 40s I received an email from her recently with a link to a soundfile...crazy thing is I was looking for the same thing at the same time (she’s in Hungary, I’m in Australia). My daughter (9) will love it!!

A great posting area.....

My brother and I listened to that record all the time when we were kids! I just gave our new kitty that name (Niki Niki Tembo...), and for that reason have had opportunity to discuss the story, which I can’t find anywhere—and most of the people my son tells it to remembers the version in the book! I’m so glad I’m not alone remembering that record! Was it narrated by Dennis Day? That seems to be stuck in my head, though we had quite a collection of story records at the time...

I have a copy of this book printed in 1974 and it has this name:

Rikki Tikki Tembo Nosarembo Oohmah Moochi Gama Gama Goochi Ala Ala Oochi Pip Pery Pembo

If anyone has the original...Nikki Nikki please send me the story by email...not audio...written out.
Gosh I too had the record...and the guy had the best voice...
He had 3 sisters...oomphconfused, umph confused and something else...Rememberconfused LOL
He never died in the end...he lost weight and they finally did pull him out smile

This is just too great!!! I was out walking today when the name (nikki nikki tembo) kept running through my mind.

Thanks so much to mrslate and others who bring back such sweet memories of 65 years ago...listening to this. Anyone have any idea what it dates back to? I’m 66 and listened ( and listened) to this as a kid.

Thanks again.


I just happened on your site by chance, also looking up that old record of long name no can say and I was so happy to be able to listen to that old story once again. It’s been 40 years since I heard it! Thank you to Mr Slate whoever you are. It’s mind blowing to see that so many others remember this! Does anyone have the recording of the flipside which was Dennis Day telling the story of Snow White? Thanks again for the wonderful memories of childhood.

Linda Z. from
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I’m only 13 but i remember in i think about second or third grade we all got that book read to us! The way i remember it was: ( sorry im not good at spelling ) Tikki Tikki Tembo No-Sarembo Cherry Berry Roochy Pip Berry Pembo! I also have the book. ( somewhere )

I have the book, Tikki tikki Tembo retold by Arlene Mosel/ illustrated by Blair Lent; copyright 1968. The Chinese woman’s "first and honored son, she called Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo." The old man with the ladder saves the boy, and "the moon rose many times before he was quite the same again."

Unbeleiveable !!!!
I am 47 and was telling my kids about a tory of a boy named 'long name no can say'... I remember perfectly it being Nikki Nikki timbo..no so rimbo... uuma goochi gamma gamma guchi....
But I don’t remember musch ewlse about the story.... My kids thought I was crazy and making it up, so I am so glad to be able to show them that It was indeed a memory from long ago !!!!

This is weird. My mom has been telling my kids about the story and my 6 and 4 yr old always say Nikki, Nikki tembo and sure enough I found the record in my pile of old albums with Snow White on the B side. I hooked up an old turn table in the garage to play it for the kids but from all the years of use from me and my sisters before me didn’t leave it condition good enough to play to long without damaging the needle. I still can’t bring myself to throw it away though.
If anyone knows where it can be downloaded I’d love to know. Greg

I’m a gramma now and so want to share the "old" story/song with my grandchildren. I was led here by Kididdles. Hoping we can find a recording of the Nikki Nikki Tembo version. Ours was on an 8 track--that’s a clue to how long ago it was! I tried the Bonedaddy address, but apparentely it’s no longer available.
Any help would be eternally appreciated.

I remember reading it in elementary school. one of my classes made it into a play and it was really great. I remember it as rikki tikki tembo, though.

I’m a preschool teacher and have been reading 'Riki tiki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip perry pimbo' to all the kids. The book has the exact same pictures as on the ...columbia...website posted above.

Ricky Tikki Tembo is a completely separate story from Tikki Tikki Tembo, the one you are recalling has quite a long name but the book you have is a newer version of the story that makes it easier for young children to read it. Thanks

This 3-year thread and especially the mp3 itself is an amazing testimony to how the internet can build bridges to each other and to our past. When I was little, a major crisis of my childhood was the day I broke our precious 78 record of Long Name No Can Say. Since then, I have never heard anyone speak of it and thought it was lost to me forever. I cannot thank you all enough, and especially Mr. Slate, for bringing it back to me and helping me put to rest my childhood trauma. At 57, I remember to this day the older version of the name, non PC, as Nikki Nikki etc.

Thanks to this site and after re-reading I was able to download the original Nikki Nikki Tembo from the site provided by Mr. Slate--my thanks to him especially. I can now share with my grandchildren what I once shared with my children. I did buy the PC version of the book for my daughter to read at her daughter’s pre-school. Brought back fond memories for the teacher as well. What a Wonderful World Wide Web it is!!

The song I remember is the "Rikki tikki tembo no sarimbo hoi poi box nee poi pon pon rikki pon pon nikki no me adam poi...." Does anyone have an MP3 of that version? I would love to hear it again

OH MY GOSH, I was just telling my sons about this book. I remember it as a little girl, and they looked at me like I was nuts. I remember hearing and learning it as riki tiki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip perry pimbo'. It was a book that was read to me once as a child. I never knew the name of it or even how to spell it to find it. This is great. To find others that have heard of it is exciting. Thanks for the threads, I can’t wait for my kids to hear it.

I, like everyone else here listened to this record as a kid in the early 60’s. The line "Nikki Nikki Tembo.... has stuck in my head for years and I have repeated it often to my kids until they thought I was crazy. Good to know there are others that remember and love that story.

at the waddell’s house

my mom had an old record 33 rpm @ my 3 brother s@ 1 sister used to listen to @ I was 6 years old . 46 now . If you have found a copy of the sog or the old album . Please send me a copy I think my whole family would appreciate a trip down memory lane.THANX!!

Well, it seems like we all remember it differently. I just recently read about how people combine memories into eachother and I think that many of us got the Rikki Tikki Tavi story integrated into it somehow because as I remembered it (The audio version), it was Rikki Tikki Tembo - No So Rembo - Ooh Ma Moochie - Gamma Gamma Goochie. Now it looks like there are 2 major releases: The original audio that was Nikki Nikki...Gamma Gamma Goochie (Which after hearing it.. That’s the one I had!) or the Printed version that was Tikki Tikki Tembo...pip perry pimbo (Which I now fondly refer to as the Piper Perabo version) ha ha!
Any other versions seem to be sparatic at best. I’d love to get a printed version to match the audio version! smile
Thanks to everyone that has contributed to our mania!

Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo - by Arlene Mosel

This is the original from March 15, 1968 (and the one i grew up on smile )

Amazon.com has it for sale (the original one) for only $11.68. Looking thru this reminded me also of 'The 5 chinese brothers' and 'the story about Ping'

As i child i would read these for hours. My children also love the story about Tikki Tikki Tembo very much.

But no matter which version you get, its nice to see that books bring back smile and fond memories that people want to share with thier children and grandchild (i ordered the book because one day i hope to have grandchildren smile )

That’s a book based on a Japanese folk story. I had a cat named Tikki Tikki tembo...... But we just called her Tikki.

I now have the full written version of the old, non-PC Nikki Nikki Tembo up on my site here:


There are sound clips from the LP too!

My mother is a pre-school teacher (and was also my teacher when I was in pre-school) and the book may very well have changed. I remember it as tiki-tiki-tembo-no-sarembo-chari-bari-ruchi-pip-peri-pembo (has fallen into the well tounge outsmile. But I do not doubt that it has changed over the years as new knowledge of child development has been acquired. I would guess that it was changed (to the way I remember it) because of the way young children remember and learn certain sounds and rythms.

There sure are a lot of different memories of this. I remember the Niki Niki Tembo (Niki Niki Tembo no so limbo, ooh ma muchi, gamma gamma guchi) with him loosing weight and getting pulled out of the hole and would love to find the script of it. I don’t even need the audio. I thought I remembered a lot of it but now I wonder how many versions there are.

I definately remember this. This is how I remember it...Rikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip PIPER peri pembo.

For the last few days I have been thinking about this book. I decided to do an online search and this is the site that I found

Yes..I remember it well....I had a record also and listened to it quite often.

I remember it as Nikki Nikki tembo, no so rembo, oo ma moochi, gamma gamma gouchi

Or "Nick" for short.....HA what a laugh to know that so many remember these old records.

I also remember the narrator using the phrase,
" Long Name No can Say "

My version is - Niki Niki Tembo no so limbo, ooh ma muchi, gamma gamma guchi
- with the "short" version being: "Long Name No can Say"
It was the flip side of Snow White.
I gotta think it was before '64 since I would have been 10 then.
I also heard some punk rocker quote the name exactly as I remembered it during an on stage rant in the mid 80’s with no context. Kinda weird.

I remember the story as tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo cheri beri ruchie pip peri pembo and the story went like this tikki fell in the lake and was drowning and his little bro went to tell dad who was almost deaf and it took him several times to get his father to understand that tikki almost died because he had to keep saying "tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo cheri beri ruchie pip peri pembo fell in the lake" so after that it was not popular to give long names

I so loved the story of the brave mongoose as well the chinese tale i always get the names mixed up.could never get the name quite right. i remamber the name as being,Rikki Tikki Tavi Nosaravi cherri Rerri Ruchi Onalichi fell into the wellha ha!smile!!!

I remember the story well... it was a favorite of my brother and me.

Nikki Nikki Tembo noso rembo uma moochie gamma gamma goochie.

What I think is funny is the numerous spellings of it. The one my children have is Tikki Tikki ...

Who knew we were such a big group of Nickie Nickie lovers? I remember both book and record SO WELL, but I think I may have had it read to me before I could read as I have an almost unerring memory of spelling retension after viewing a word even once. So my mother may have read it to us as follows: Nicki Nickie Tembo No So Rembo Oo Ma Moochie Gamma Gamma Goochie This is how the responder two up from me recalls it as well.

At that time my siblings and I had many stories on record by a narrator and storyteller named Paul Wing. Perhaps it was he who read this story. Does anyone know or even have that record still?

I think it was another story, similar but altogether diff. in that the "hero" fell into a lake rather than a well and his name was something like: cheri beri ruchie pip peri pembo .

Love you ALL! Martha!

YES! !!! 3 of us at work remember the story- I thought my parents were just weird in their book selections.
We remember as "Rikki tikki tembo no sa rembo, cherri berri rucci pip perri pembo" but some remember it a bit differently.

My sister had the Tikki Tikki Tembo version that is available as a video at one of the links above. However, here’s a new (old) twist on this story: my father owned a record by "The Brothers Four" that had a song on it that seems to combine the two different versions. It is called (spelled somewhat phonetically) "Eddie Gootchie Gatcha Gamma Toe-suh-nera Toe-suh-noka Samma Camma Wacky Brown"; a great song with a wonderful melody and words that stick in your mind for (for me now) about 30 years. Used to love singing this song, it seems to parallel the story fairly well, except with american versions of the characters, i.e. Suzy Brown "milkin' in the barn" saw him fall into the "deep, dark well"; ran inside and told her mom "makin' cracklin' bread"; mom told Farmer Jones(?) "who hobbled into town and said that..."; townsfolk come running to the well but (last line of the song) Eddie Gootchie Gatcha Gamma Toe-suh-nera Toe-suh-noka Samma Camma Wacky Brown... Drowned.
You have to hear it to appreciate it. Wonder if anyone has a downloadable copy of any of the Brothers Four songs, including this one? Thanks all for the wonderful walk through some old memories! Tom

Oh my goodness, I cant beleive I found this thread! Im 27, and remember loving this story, I couldnt remember the entire details until all of you refreshed my memory. I remember it as Rikki-Tikki-Tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip perry pembo.. Funny thing when me and a friend came home from kindergarten we use to sing this part, and her family ended up giving us nicknames. She was Pip Perry, and I was Cherry Berry. I’ve lost contact with her, but I think they might still be calling her that. ha ha! laughing

With this download you have just made me the most popular sister lol and believe me they will owe me BIG TIME !!!!!
I just wanted to thank you so much for having this available !!!
My sisters and I have been looking for this forever... Its funny I checked this same site years ago and no one had a copy of it... Im so glad I decided to search again...
This brings back memories and I cant help but imagine being tucked into bed and going to sleep listening to this record.. its that special
Thank you to MR Slate for keeping his site available ... You have done your good deed for the day.. And thank you to Kadyellebee for this web page.. without it .. no avenue to
lol make my sisters cry when I show them what I found us.. Many Thanks and God Bless***heartkissheart

The name in the story that was told to me when i was a kid was not Tikki Tikkie Tembo.... it was Rikki Tikki Tiempo, No Saw Rembo, Sobriniski, Porsinosvic, Rickki Pom Pom.

Glad I found the site and realize that I’m not crazy. Well, then again, that’s debatable. Anyway, from time to time, and from completely out of nowhere, I will find myself saying "tikki tikki tembo, no sa rembo, kadda radda ruchi, piki pembo". My wife will sometimes hear me and think I’m demon possessed, hearing voices from the underworld. It happened again during my first visit to Disney World this past week. During our drive back from the Magic Kingdom, with my in-laws in the front seat, I blurted out the tikki tikki tembo name. My wife apologized to her parents and added, "where does that come from?". I responded that I had no idea but guessed it was long stored away in a memory from my my childhood. Knowing me so well, she added "Well, I’m sure you’ll look it up on the internet when you get home".....and here I am. Keep up the good work.

As a child I remember it as: "Nikki, Nikki, Tembo, No So Lembo U Ma Muchi Gamma Gamma Guchi" or "Long Name No Can Say." Wish I could lay my hands on the recording.

I had the album with Nicki Nicki Tembo no so Rembo oo ma muchi gahma gahma gucchi. It was on the reverse side of Johnny Appleseed.

Wow, what a long thread of comments about this! I see there are some recent comments so I will go ahead and add to them! laughing
I am 39, and I remember way back in first grade winning a "prize" for writing a book, and getting to go to a special book fair where our work was also displayed. We found the book Tikki Tikki Tembo there, although I have always thought I remembered it as Rikki Tikki Tembo (?) I also will break out into the "Long Name No Can Say" "Rikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Cheri Beri Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo" and of course get some crazy looks! ha ha!
Thanks for the memories and also insight on different versions (ie: the recording) that I never knew of!

I was cleaning my garage when I was about to throw away a bunch of scratched LP’s with no covers. I got on Ebay to see if they were worth anything. Nope. But in my searches I came across the name Tikki Tikki Tembo and a flood of memories came in.

I to remember the story as a child, The year was 1970, I was 5 and it was a seemingly dull male voice on my Red and White Phonograph. My mom was always impressed that throughout my life I could repeat the name. Mom’s are like that. I found my knowledge in Electrical Engineering much more fruitful, but now that I’m a father, I’m a bit obsessed with finding a copy of that original recording of the version I heard and memorized as a child.

Here’s my recollection...

The LP was the size of a 45 but had the small spindle hole of a 33 1/3.
It was played at 33 1/3
The Disc had a Yellow Label with Black Writing
The story was told in TWO halves and you had to flip the record over in the middle.

I never heard the Nikki version until I read the threads here and DLed the Wing story. I also saw the animated story by Weston Woods studio. Niether is the one I had.

I’m trying to find the version I had on that small lp.
My version had "Riki(or Tiki - not sure) Tiki Tembo, No sa rembo, chari bari ruchi pip peri pembo."
Not sure of the exact spelling, but it was definitely "chari bari" not "cherri berri".

The brother was Chan (Chong - whatever)

I remember that the narrator (the male dull voice) most definitely imitated a chinese accent with a sharp latin "r" sound while saying the name.

Any help?

Still Looking.

I’ll post a copy if I find it.



What can I say... Something in my memory suddenly brought back "Nikki Nikki Tembo" and I found myself Googling to this site to find out more... Horrified to discover that this beautiful story had also "Politically Correcticized" by the moral conscience of the modern overprotective world, I decided to compare the versions...
Now I’m really stumped!!! It’s not PC to tell kids a story about a child who receives favorite treatment from his parets, who is fat and vain, where in the end everyone lives "happily ever after", but it is ok to take out all the fun and amusement to tell ostracise the story and to kill the star of the story in the endconfused

GREAT! I had this set on 78 RPM records in the mid 1940’s. My kids had a 33 RPM version (PAUL WING) in the '60’s, which was the same as my original. I made cassette copies for my kids kids...grandchildren, and "Long name no can say" is known by all of them. Original was NIKKI NIKKI TEMBO. Wonderful how so many others loved it also. Please add me to the list.

i remember that story!! when i was in fifth grade my class performed it as a skit.

i remember Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo, and long name no can say.. first time i heard this story was back in 1993 on a class trip to the local library!

I LOVED the Nikki Nikki Tembo Noso Rembo Umamoochie Gama Gama Goochie story on the back of my Disney album, But I believe mine was on the back of Cinderella.

Thanks for the fond memories!
I am downloading this for my sister’s 44th b-day. She''l be blown away!

We had the Paul Wing version from the 60’s and I remember it as:
Niki Niki Tembo oh so lembo oo ma moochie gamma gamma goochie

(body down well, you come quick, yes?)

I’m not sure after reading through the postings Is it still possible to get a copy of the Paul Wing recording of Nikki Nikki Tembo? My brother who has yet to discover the power of the internet, has spent a lot of time laughing about that recording we had as kids. It was truly not pc. i remember the story of the Chinese father so disappointed that he has not had a son that the daughters born before him are named for the disgruntled sounds he made when he realized they were girls(humph,mumph,etc). When he finally has a son he gives him a long name and they spoil him rotten and he becomes obese. Lines like" fat boy velly velly funny he all wet" and "who in well PLEEEEASEconfused It is funny now because it is hard to believe that was not unusual at the time...I "d appreciate any help in locating. A Copy or an original record. Thanks M.E.

Wow! I remember this LP I don’t know where we got it from but in the early 70’s my brother and I played this story over and over again until it was worn. I have always given my own children the short version of the story--mostly the basic long-name-no-can-say and the way I remembered the name as Nicky Nicky Thimbo No So Rimbo Oh MA Moochie Gamma Gamma Gucchi--isn’t it funny how kids remember things? My brother and I used to compete to see who could say it the fastest...we would do it a few times and burst into laughter! I realize now how many variations of the same basic story are out there. I just found this site and showed my youngest two children that I am not just making it up. They loved the story and the link to the audio version was a real treat!

Yes, I too remember this song as Eddie Goochie Gatchie Gamma from camp. I sing it now to my son, who loves it, and I have also taught his Cub Pack these lyrics. I never knew it had a past other than the wacky song I learned at camp nearly 30 years ago.... Thanks for bringing back the memories!

My sister and I used to read this story at our grandmother’s house. Our version was the Rikki Tikki Tembo one. Would love to find that version of the book for her for christmas.

I could hardly believe this site! I thought this was just something my brothers and sister made up! I was trying to teach it to my grandson last week and thought - I wonder if anyone else knows this? (my kids think I’m a little weird). I learned a version of this from them when I was a child in the early 50’s. Only they taught it to me as a sort of tongue twister. We just tried to say it as fast as possible. We also had a tag on the end, which probably came from somewhere else (anybody recognize it?). Our version was "Mickey Mickey Gimbo no so rimbo ooh ma moochie gamma gamma goochie, penny nip clang clatter hoodie doodie overbrush peter jack dendensiality."

ok this is it

tiki tiki tembo, no sa rembo, chari bari ruchip peri pembo

but what was his brother’s nameconfused??

hey peoples
tikki tikki tembo was mi fav story wen i was litel
it was mi mums fav story 2
thanx 4 makin up dat story
its a clasic!!!!!
i luv it
its da best

This is great! Everyone in my office thinks I’m making up this story. I’m glad to know I’m not going crazy, because I couldn’t find a copy of the book anywhere!

I remember the story from a girl giving a book report in third grade in 1958 from 47 years ago. I remember the name as Rikki Rikki Rimbo Oh So Nimbo Ooh Ma Moochie Gamma Gamma Goochi. Does anybody else remember it that way?

I remember it as Nikki Nikki tembo-no sa rembo-oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochi. I adored that record and probably wore the grooves out of that album listening to it over and over again. I even named my pet hamster that! And, of course, nicknamed him Nicky.

Just recently I was reminded of this when I was taking my youngest son to buy a hamster of his own. I told him about the story. I decided to look it up online to see if I could find it since I have never heard of it again since. I was delighted to find this post. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has ever heard of this story!


Oh My goodness, I am FOREVER grateful! I am sitting here reliving my childhood of 35-40 years ago!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


This is how I heard it (maybe 1976)..."Ricky Ticky Tembo No Sa Rembo Charley Barley Roochie Pip Perry Pembo." The moral of the story was Don’t name your kid with such a long name...if you do he will drown in a well because your sibling will run out of breath and have difficulty saying your whole name.

one of my favorite childhood stories was tiki tiki tembo no so nimbo hoy boy bosky boy pon pon hikki pon pon nikki no me adam poy

I am forever in your debt! I have been looking for Nicky-Nicky Tembo, No So Rembo, Ooh Ma Moochi. Gamma Gamma Goochi for well over 10 years now! Unlike most of you, I actually had this on an 8-track with about 10 other stories when I was kid. I too remember the cover having kind of a pink patch-work border of images around the edges and text in the middle...but I always thought it was by Disney! No wonder I could never find it. I would still love to find that album in any format. SO, if anyone knows or recognizes it, please, please let me know where I can get it or who I can bribe. smile

Thank you!

Wow! I, too, believed I was the only one that had ever heard of this.
My sister-in-law taught this saying to me, and she recited it incorrectly (Nikki nikki nimbo, oh so rimbo, ooh ma moochie, gama gama goochi). I thought that it was from a fraturnity, or of Greekor Latin origin, from the 'gama gama' part.
Thank you for clearing all of this up for me, that it IS something real!

I was also looking for this record. We somehow ended up giving it to our children when they were about 5 or 6 that would have been in 1971 or so. Well I guess we lost it. Anyway, one of my wifes best friends had a baby girl about 25 years ago and named her Niki. So whenever I saw her I would call her Niki Niki Tembo oso rembo umagouchie gamma gamma gouchie or what ever I could remember. Well Niki got married a couple of years ago, and just recently had a baby girl. My wife is having a shower for her and thought she would like to give her this story. I have been looking off and on for a while and I just saw on another web site that it can be downloaded on MP3. Not knowing anything about MP3 I called my now 37 year old son and within minutes he came back to me with this address.
Check it out. I just listened to the old story. However both my wife and my son don’t think it is quite appropriate to give to anyone named Niki.
I thought it was still cute.

Thanks for the Nikki Nikki Tembo.
Now, would anyone out there have another gem from this era—the Mother Goose rhymes featuring Boris Karloff, Cyril Ritchard and Celeste Holm?
Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I remember it as Riki Tiki Tembo No Sa Rembo Charry Berry Roochie Pip Berry Pembo but I’m sure my mind has confused it over the years. We loved this story as children. The version I remember is of a boy falling into a well.

I’m glad a few people recall it as I do. 'Riki', instead of 'Tiki.' Now I know I’m not making it up.

i have the record and the book but it is in storage so when i get my life back together i will send it to you re tiki tiki tembo

i still remember that story..i’m 16 yrs.old but i know that story..i think there are just few people that can remeber the title of the story because it is long and hard to spell and nobody cares...i was thinking about a long word and that story just pop out in my head even though it was a long time ago

well.....My mother hesrd it from my grandmother (chinese) .....Nikki Nikki Nimbo... No So Rimbo .....Uma Uma... Gumma Gumma Gucci. My sister and I would chant it and dance in a circle...

So my mother starts singing this queer song to my children in a fun chant kinda way... she was saying "Niki Niki Tombo, Noso Rombo, Alabala Buskie, Bombo Beechi" and I have been looking on the web for what it means or where it came from. Thank you kadyellebee! and thank you MrSlate (Bonedaddyband.com) for the link to the mp3.

So my mother starts singing this queer song to my children in a fun chant kinda way... she was saying "Niki Niki Tombo, Noso Rombo, Alabala Buskie, Bombo Beechi" and I have been looking on the web for what it means or where it came from. Thank you kadyellebee! and thank you MrSlate (Bonedaddyband.com) for the link to the mp3.


Free mp3 download of the Paul Wing version (Nikki Nikki Tembo):

Full transcription of the Paul Wing version, (Nikki Nikki Tembo), with sound clips: http://www.geocities.com/shoopshoop66/nikki.html

View full video of Tikki Tikki Tembo version, for free:

I’ve been searching for the 1950’s LP version since my 1st child was born in 1968! I’m 57 & have 8 grandchildren--I’ve taught them all to sing "Sticky Sticky Stembo No sir iembo Hari Hari Bushki ish men iendo ed peri pendo hi deborelle sukki a sukki em has fallen in the well!!!" (This is how I remembered it) Reading everyone’s comments has been great fun!! Thanks!

Had the record of Sticky Sticy Stembo when a child
Am now 61 and my sister and I were just singing that as we went down memory lane

I remember the story on record which was the flip side of the Snow White sound track I had when I was 5 or 6.

It was Nikki nikki tembo nosorembo umma moochi gamma gamma goochi.

'Long name no can say"

It would definately be labelled as having racist overtones in present times.

"oomph ....pleease"


I just read this entire thread. My older sister (64 years old in 2006) had a 78RPM version of the song that I remember as Sticky Stick Stembo. Sounds similar to many above but slightly different. Of course I am relying on my memory of about 50 years! The story was about a boy who had fallen in the well (long-long name). His brother Kim was trying to get him rescued. Once he got people to understand him, "long name" was rescued and Kim got himself an even longer name for being a hero. Does anyone remember this version??


You and I are on the same page!

I just read this entire thread. My older sister (64 years old in 2006) had a 78RPM version of the song that I remember as Sticky Stick Stembo. Sounds similar to many above but slightly different. Of course I am relying on my memory of about 50 years! The story was about a boy who had fallen in the well (long-long name). His brother Kim was trying to get him rescued. Once he got people to understand him, "long name" was rescued and Kim got himself an even longer name for being a hero. Does anyone remember this version??

I too remember Ricki Ticki Tembo smile!!! Great Childrens story. There is an Americanized/English take on the whole long-name story. Does anyone remember: "Andy Kucha Kacha Gamma Tosha Nara Tosha No Samma Gamma Wacky Brown...fell into the well, fell into the well, fell into the deep dark well"? I even remember the melody as I say it smile. Great postings here!

A friend gave us the LP of Niki Niki Tembo noso rembo uma muchi goma goma guchie by Paul Wing when we lived in Beirut, Lebanon. My children played it constantly for the nine years we lived there. Because of the civil war in 1978 we had to flee and unfortunatly did not bring the LP or the tape of it. I have been looking for a copy ever since. So happy to find this thread. I have just downloaded the MP3 file of it and it is just as I remember it.

I remember the story as a kid but his name was Tiki Tiki Tembo Nosa Rembo Cheri Beri Ruchi Pep Perry Pembo and I remember him being Chinese (though the name doesn’t sound like it). Anwway, he fell down the well and his brother ran back to his parent’s house to tell them what had happened but he couldn’t remember his brother’s name ... tragically Tiki Tiki Tembo Nosa Rembo Cheri Beri Ruchi Pep Perry Pembo died as a result of the delay and confusion.

Yeah ... sucks, doesn’t it? So, I think that China passed a law saying that no one can give their kids long names after that happened.

Yeah, my version was something like "Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochi" too. Just curious where you are from that you heard this story growing up. I heard it all throughout my childhood in Hawaii. I’m thinking that maybe in the mainland America it wasn’t so popular.

I am the son of the author of the 1968 version of Tikki Tikki Tembo. I just discovered this posting and have throughly enjoyed it. The name used in the book is Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo. My mother retold the story and Blair Lent did the illustrations. My favorite drawing being the Old Man with the ladder’s dream. When I was young I would go with my mother to storyhours and schools and introduce her to students. As everyone has said the name and the story are memorable and magical read by a good storyteller.

i can’t read all the postings b4 me but i had the recors of the tikki tikki tembo no sorembo oh me moochie gamma gamma gucci. well thats how i remember it neway. the other side of the record was ali baba and the 40 thievs. i may still have it at my moms house if you havn’t gotten a copy yet. i could record it onto cd i’m sure. the b.f. has all sorts of equipment. i’ve been trying too forever to find that story. not the book that everybody else seems to know but the story i remember.

hope you’ve found it by now. and if you did could you pass on the name of the author? thanks a bunch

There is a wikipedia page on this:

which links to the MP3 of the old record:

I remember listening to this record and lauging and laughing as a child. Such Sweet Memories!

Now pass it on!


this book also had minikin and manikin which is really another version of the munachar manachar story
and it also had the teeny tiny woman, gingerbread man, three billy goats gruff, steadfast toy soldier and a bunch of others and if anyone knows the name of this book I would be blown away because i am trying to find it as a gift for my sister who also remembers reading it after me.... help

When our daughter Cortney, was in the 3rd or 4th grade, she and her brother Brian took a storytelling workshop. She told the story of Ticky Ticky Timbo. As with most everything the kids did, we video taped their performance. About once a year, usually at Christmas, we would pull out all the old videos and laugh and groan and sometimes even cry.
Sadly, at age 24 our beautiful Cortney died in a car accident. For the first couple of years, I could not look at the videos but now they bring me such joy.
In October of each year we hold a fundraising event called No Scare Fair. The month before she died was our inagural event. (2002). We have storytellers, dancers, costume parades and more candy than you could ever imagine.
This year I decided I would like to tell that story in a way to celebrate Cortney, but had no idea where to find it. I am thrilled to find this site.

Thanks so much. Carol Carlson

I remember it as rikki tikki tembo.

Just recently I was speaking with a "second cousin" and she had asked me if there was anything at my aunt’s home that I might want as a rememberance of my childhood. The one thing that came to my mind immediately was a record that my cousin and I would listen to each summer. Hopefully it is still around.
As I vividly recall in the 1940’s I would spend my summer’s at my uncle/aunt’s farm in Pennsylvania. My cousin and I would spend endless hours playing Monopoly and listening to Niki-Niki tembo... each year.
I do so hope that this record on a 78 rpm was kept and that I might have the future possession of it as there are a lot of fond memories of summers past and a cousin that is no longer with us, but in my heart and memory.
It is a name that has stuck with me for over 65 years and takes me back to a time fondly remembered.

Does anyone know where to get the video of Ricky Ticky Tavi, the Mongoose? That was a great story. Thanks.

I remember this book, I was in elementary, I used to get it from the library all the time, my mother was not to happy with the fact that this was aobut the only book I wanted to read. I think I am going to try and find this book for my own kids. But anyways I remember TIKI TIKI TEMBO NOSAREMBO, the rest I don’t remember, I just made it up for my kids when I would tell the this story at bed time, and it goes something like this, TIKI TIKI TEMBO NOSAREMBO, SORRY SORRY BUCHI PIKI PIKI PENBO. HAS FALLEN DOWN THE WELL.

I listened to that record when I was a kid in the 50s. As I recall it started like this: (sung to a standardly typical Asian type melody)
"One day in the land of china many many years ago
There lived two Chinese brothers who loved each other so.
And their names were - Sticky sticky stembo no suriembo hari bari buskie ish mini embo hay perry pembo hi deborelle suki eye suki em...
and Kim"
It goes on from there to tell the story as people here have related it about him falling in the well and Kim becoming a hero with a long name too.
Anyone remember Red Lantern? That was another story type record I remember. It happens underwater in a school of fish, I think. The only phrase I remember is "greetings gate, evaporate"
Does that ring a bell?

Anybody ever see the older version of "WYNKEN BLYNKEN and NOD" where the moon is blowing the ship (wooden shoe) and they all look like cherubs with Bloonde and billowy curly hair? They are wearing very light colored Pajama’s ( I think light blue) the background is darkish blue. There are so many copies out there and I cannot find this one.

Thank you,

I can’t believe it. My husband and I named our cat Tikki because we’ve had an ongoing dispute about the book. I was raised with the LP oo ma moochi-gamma gamma goochi version and he swore that it didn’t exist since he only read the rich peri pumbo book . Ha!!! Now I can download it and show him!! Thanks so much!!

I remember this album as a kid as nikki nikki timbo no so rimobo, ooh ma moochie, gaama gaama goochie - long name no can say. There was also a story on the same album about nail soup?? does anyone remember that? any idea where to find this old recording??

bug Hi I rememeber the book, but I thought his name was ricki tikki.. the rest was tembo nosaremba chari bari ruchi pt peri yes something like you said. I loved that book. Hey did he ever get out of the wellconfused hehhe just kidding

I am mexican , but as achild I attended an american school and in one english Book there was this story that I remember perfectly, even though I was only seven years old, now I am 42, and I started telling the story to my 3 year old daugther, and she loves it, only my best fiend and me remember the correct name: Ricky Ticky Tambo Non Si Rambo Hari bari Bushky pari Pim Po.


I remember your version! I’ve been trying for days to remember it and now that I’m saying your version out loud I KNOW that’s it! And his brother’s name was Kim instead of Cheng of the original song. I don’t remember the fish song on that record but I distinctly remember the center of the record was light blue and had a cartoon tiger on it in black! I mis that song!

i have the book and just looked at my version.. it’s Rikki Tikki Tembo NoSa Rembo Chari Bari Roo Chee Pip Peri Pembo. and the brother is Chen. i don’t understand how "long name no say" would work... doesn’t that kinda ruin the point of the story?

I do not know but came accross your page because I too was searching Google for some of my childhood stories that I could read to my son. The way that I recall it was Ricki Tikki Tempo. I have told my son the story and he thought that I made it up, so I was trying to find a copy of the book to purchase. It is incredibble what we recall from our chilhood.

Wow...I was googling "nicki nicki timbo, oh so limbo" as I remembered the song I listened to as a child on a 78rpm record, and to find this ongoing thread of responses was quite unexpected. I recall the story about the boy who was the favored child and thus given this incredibly long name (that no one could remember or say very quickly), was overfed by his mother, became quite rotund while his brothers were slender children.

The tale, as I recall it, told of how Nicki... fell down a well and was wedged in quite tightly. His brother(s) who slide down a rope to check on him. Eventually he became thin enough to be pulled out of the well.

I also recall the part about him being called the boy with a name too long to remember contributing to him not being recognized until his mother/brothers put the pieces together and discovered the missing boy was trapped in the well. In the end, the mother learned that her overindulgence of this child contributed to the dilemma and that her less favored son(s) were as valuable as Nicki..., and the story ended on this happy note.

This story was one of my favorites as well.

smile Kim, I am so glad that I read your post. I didn’t recongnize any of the words in any of the other versions. I am so glad that someone remembers the name the same way that I do. It’s been a lot of years but I didn’t think that I could have been that off. Thanks again!

I remember my gram telling me the story in the 1960’s as- Icky sticky stumbo no so rumbo era bera biski ee pee peyon ee pee pompom nick nom dombricon and chick. similar story- the well- but different names. I grew up in the midwest. Has anyone heard this version? Where could I find it? Thanks. lynnsfolkart@aol.com

i remember this story from 5th grade (circa 1980), but don’t have any books & i tell the story to my son to get him to sleep. but i call the character from my memory:
"riki tiki tambo no see rambo hari bari pushkee pari pim po".

Does anyone remember what album it is off of? My version (to the best of my recollection) went nikki nikki tembo no so remble ooh ma goochi gomma gomma goochi. I would love to have tis piece of childhood back! if anyone knows, email me at eemg22477@hotmail.com. Thanks

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