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mental health day!

Goals for today:
Listen to some great music (Staind on repeat vibrating the floor, and then great girl-music)
Rest and play and watch some tv. (Laid on the couch and caught some news early on; watched TLC’s Makeover story during lunch, and then Trading Spaces and Xfiles while cooking)
Sort through all bills and make any phone calls necessary and pay them all. (I think everything is paid or waiting for the auto payment to go thru - I tried to do as many online as possible so I couldn’t put off putting them in the mailbox!)
Reply to emails
Scan cards
Do some basic straightening up (I cleaned up a bit, taking care of suitcases, and moved my chair back upstairs)
Get together stocking stuffers for E (we still haven’t had *our* Christmas yet)
Do some updates on my sites. (a little bit done here and there)
Relax smile


Hey—just wanted to say congrats on theredkitchen being the MT Spotlgiht site! You go!

You watched XF? LOL! Very cool. *giggle* Sounds like you had a good day!!

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