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brand new year

I feel good about starting a new year. New Years holds some special significance for me, because 2 years ago, on New Years Day, E proposed to me smile so 2000 was full of wedding plans, and 2001 was full of settling into marriage and dealing with work stress for both of us.

2002 will be the year I take care of myself. And let E take care of me.

Its been a good day. My sister and her friends and I stayed up late last night watching movies (Thomas Crowne Affair and the beginning of Pretty Woman) and eating and giggling - they are fun girls. E called me at midnight to wish me happy new year. I slept almost a full 8 1/2 hours with only a teeny little wake up in the middle - amazingness! And then I got up late, ate breakfast with Meg after her friends left and watched Armageddon. Picked up E from the airport and then we cuddled and played together and started to watch Final Fantasy. My eyes have been having a harder time focusing lately, so I feel asleep part way through so we climbed into bed (he didn’t sleep last night!) and I got a little nap... he’s still sleeping, and probably will until morning.

I’ve been playing my new game - Hot Date expansion for The Sims - and watching the first eps of buffy again since FX has a first-ep marathon. So its been a good day smile


Happy New Year, Kristine! By the sounds of it, you’ve had a wonderful start!

i’m so glad your day was nice. i love you!

smile I finally got to see the first two eps of Buffy!! smile Course, soon enough I’ll own them on DVD! ;)

Isn’t Hot Date awesome? LOL I am having SO much fun with it. *giggle* Happy new year, my dear!!

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