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inventory prep

I’m the inventory prep girl. This means that I have to get all the forms prepared for inventory counting on Wednesday while I’m gone.

This is a big job, because we have thousands of sku numbers! So I’ll be printing pages of forms off for the next while - and I had to wait until after everything was done for work. Then when I was just ready to print, mom came in and printed more. Blech! So anyhow, I’ve been working way hard today, and will be anxious and excited to go home as soon as I can smile

I have presents to wrap, and cookies to decorate and a house to straighten. And then suitcases to pack and all that fun stuff to get read to go on Sunday AM. My list doesn’t sound nearly as bad when I think about all I did today. I wish that the list really had shrunken ;)

And ha - I don’t have to work again until Thursday!! smile


Ain’t it great not having to go back to work till Thursday? Let’s make the best of it. This time of the year only comes but once a year. smile

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