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clear morning

While I’m on the topic of weather, I just have to point out how nice it was to have a clear enough morning to see Mt. hood peaking through the morning darkness to greet me on my way to work.

The dark sky had such nice soft clouds that I could even see some stars shining down, and a plane going half way down the gorge before disappearing from sight.

The brilliance in this comes for me because of the rain and clouds that have been here for 32 straight days. So it was amazing to walk to the mailbox without the pitter patter of rain drops on my hood and the splish-splosh of my tommy-shoes in the puddles.

I read in the paper this morning that today is the shortest day of the year, with only 9 hours of daylight. That means I’ll miss all of them - I got here at 6:45 (because E had a computer to fix early) and won’t leave until at least 6. But at least I got to see the clear dark sky this morning to give me a peace of God’s creation. His hand is so visible in everything of nature, and just the twinkle of a star and the wonder of an airplane going into the clouds reminds me of that.

Happy Winter Solstice on this shortest day of the year!

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