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Working hard

What a busy day! I’ve been working so hard on our price list and scheduling for inventory. I’ve got even more to accomplish tomorrow. At least I finally ended up focusing better by the end of the day. I really got a lot done. I completely reformatted the horse price list, and have been touching up the pet one. I’m just about done and ready for dad to answer questions, which we’ll do in the morning.

Now I must find a cheese ball recipe before I leave so that we can pick up the ingredients at the store tonight smile Fun stuff, huh?! smile


I just e-mailed you—I’ve got a great recipe for one if you want it!

Forgive me for sounding dumb but what in the world is a cheeseball??

Thanks Robyn, got it! smile
And Sarah - the original recipe I had was Cheeseball, but now I might do Robyn’s version. Its a ball of cheesy goodness to dip crackers in... its a great holiday treat for when friends come over - fun to eat while waiting for the meal smile

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