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A journal entry that isn’t as happy as I’d like it to be. Just my stress needing an outlet.

\\don’t you understand that I’m busy here? \\

I need silence, just my own thoughts. I can’t focus, everything seems fuzzy, and when my brain changes focuses from one thing to another, I have to turn off for a second. completely. Then I have to rethink what I was even doing.

I don’t mean to be so sidetrackable.

Annette keeps asking me questions. Its not her fault, I just am having serious concentration issues today. And with so much to do, its making it all so hard.

\\don’t you understand, my brain hurts to do all of this and I can barely do it already without the distractions?\\

I’ve had a headache for so many days I’ve lost count. I took an excedrin this morning, and my wrists and ankles are hurting less, but I can’t seem to stop my legs from speedily bouncing, which hurts my ankles more.

None of this is helpful.

\\don’t you understand that this time of the year is more stressful for me and I can’t take on anything more?\\

Every year, I end up taking on too much without realizing it. How on earth will it all get done? I’m so worried that I had to stop and type this all because it was pressing so hard on me. E’s birthday, Christmastime, and Inventory. It all comes upon me in the last 2 weeks of December. This year, add in a major price change and catalog, along with my plans to leave my job after Christmas, and a depression/fatigue problem. Where does that put me? In the loony bin.

\\don’t you see, I’m trying not to be melodramatic, it just comes out?\\


Kristine, I have been where you are and I am still there from time too time....hang in there it’s almost over...we are all here for you !!!!!! *HUGS**

Kristine I know exactly how you feel... once you stop work I’m sure you’ll feel better. *hugs* email me if you want to make a time to meet up and chat about all this online. smile

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