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happy birthday, E!!!

Its my wonderful Eric-boy’s birthday! He’s older than me now smile If you’d like to send him a birthday note, you can smile

Look at us - aren’t we adorable?!

We went out yesterday and I think we’ll make it going out to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. smile His presents are on the way - Amazon was slower than I thought they would be. But I woke him up with kisses and he was happy smile

Happy birthday, my sweet boy smile


Aww what an adorable picture. Happy Birthday, Eric!


eee! you guys are so cute! smile i love that pic of you 2.

and Happy Birthday to E! smile

awwww!!! everbody has adorable pictures up today!!

happy birthday E! smile

My sweet boy? What is he, ten? The poor guy how does he put up with such a depressed whiny child like you and still manage to stay with you? He does look like he’s gained some weight (as do you) and is losing some hair up front (bald men are NOT sexy) so maybe you are having an effect on him after all.

I really shouldn’t dignify this post with a comment, but since it appears that you know me, I’d really like to ask you to either state your real name or stay the fuck away from my journal.

If you see just the depressed side of me, you are missing out, because I am more than that. And E loves me and I know that. You really should find better things to do than pick on people, because that’s so not cool.

awww... y'all are cute smile *hugs*

you both look so happy!!!

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