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home purchase article

I saw this article on my home page and couldn’t help read it. The Basics—Buying a home? Why it could pay to wait - MSN Money: "Should you defer a home purchase?
Yes, unless it’s a very special deal or you’re confident that you’ll own the house for a relatively long time."

Everybody keeps telling us - buy, buy! Interest rates are down! But we aren’t quite ready yet, the jobs (mine) in our family may change soon, and we love our apartment muchly. So this article made me feel better about our decision to wait.


Kristine... you always find the awesome links!! maybe it’s because i never look for them. cory and i aren’t in a position to buy a house either. both of our jobs maybe change in the near future and we need to pay our debts off.. but it makes me so jealous and envious to visit those that own their own home... oh well... by the time cory and i can buy the price of house here in california will probably be in the millions... damnit and then we’ll have to move... bah on them

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