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Oh goodness. Don’t go to the mall a week before Christmas!! smile We went over to Red Robin for lunch, and I thought I’d stop at Sears and get a gift card for Leonard. Well, there were NO parking spots anywhere even far away from Sears. SOOOOooo many cars. So we are putting it off for the moment. We have a week - maybe Meg’s going shopping on her day off and can stop and get it for me smile

And I went to Craft Warehouse to get stuff to make cards for E’s mom. I think they’ll turn out nice. I found a few accessories for other presents, too. BUT, why don’t they carry Raffia ribbon - ya know, the crinkley stuff? I got some wrapping paper that is perfect to go with raffia instead of regular curly ribbon - one is brown paper bag backed with pretty candy canes and the other is silver but the same texture as paper bags with blue snowflakes. The lady @the store didn’t even know what I was talking about. :sigh: That’s very curious. Did I make this stuff up as being popular? You tell me!

Now I am gonna make cookies. Russian Teaballs to be exact. 'Cept that I’m gonna do as much of it as possible sitting at the table instead of standing in the kitchen smile Sounds better for me smile They are yummy - anybody wanna come and get poweredsugary with me?! smile


Kristine...I agree. I’m dreeding going to the mall...we haven’t done any of the shopping yet and, might not do it till the 22...I’m dredding it bad...cuz I have an idea that the one thing that we want will be sold out.

oh dear, Heather - why the wait!? I’d be going crazy!!!! smile

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