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cfs and stress

I’m getting more nervous about going to CA. I always try my hardest to help E’s mom with kitchen stuff and doing as much socializing as I can. But I feel really inadequate with the tiredness I’m feeling. I feel like I’ll be a burden to E and he’ll have to make excuses for me. I don’t think I want to come out and tell them "take it easy on me" because I want to feel like a valid part of the family. :sigh:

So I’m just doing a bit more research this morning...

According to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, NIAID Fact Sheet: "Often, people say that their illnesses started during a period of high stress. "
That’s the first time I’ve read stress as being the trigger. That makes much more sense to me because I haven’t had a big cold or anything that might have caused any of the symptoms to begin.

The list of 8 things that designate CFS from regular fatigue is here. I strongly indentify with 6 of these things and the other 2 fade in and out (short term memory issues and painful lymph nodes). I’ve been feeling this way for 3 months.
An additional list of symptoms on Yahoo gives me more to go on and more that I identify with.

And now its time to lay back down. My eyes are so tired and I feel like my headache that comes and goes is coming again. I’ll do more research later.


I’m so sorry—I wish I could snap my fingers and make this go away for you! My onset initially was tied to mono in high school, but my relapse post-college came just weeks after our wedding (wedding stress, cross-country move stress, and new job/career change stress all wrapped up into one). I hope you get a restful, peaceful holiday! Unfortunately I know that burden and excuses feeling all too well sometimes... If you *ever* need to talk, please e-mail me, ok?!

Sorry hon - I thought I told you stress was a huge factor in triggering.. that’s how mine started. smile *hugs* email me if you want more info.

Thank you, you guys. It really does make me feel better to know that you guys are here. I wish both of you hadn’t had these experiences at all, but thanks for your support right now smile {{hugs}}

You’re going to CA? When? *bounce* I’m going tomorrow....

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