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shoot, I just accidently clicked my bookmarklet while I already had a post half done here! That made my words go poof!

I’m feeling a bit better. The scratchyness in my throat feels better. It may have just been the just-waking-up feeling. I’m still way tired and worn out feeling. The worse part about this is that I didn’t get any cookies made :pout: But I know that if I barely kept standing up during my shower, standing over the mixer/stove wouldn’t be a good plan. Tomorrow, I tell myself. I’ll be more cookie-like tomorrow smile

I can’t get to any tripod sites. In Krissy-world that means I can’t see the Rina-blog, and that’s sad. Doll, if you are reading this, I hope you are having a great time settling back into home smile

I wish I could go and have fun with Erica tonight, who is all dressed up smile

E stopped and got my packages for me while he was out. I got TWO boxes from Garden Botanika - include some presents for the girls, mom’s order (from 2 months ago that I kept forgetting to place), and a few presents for me (a super cool makeup bag to replace the 3 year-old GB one I’m still using and and the Vineyard set because it was perfect colors and I needed mascara and eyeliner anyhow - so it almost was like getting the rest for free!) smile I’m so happy smile And then White Christmas came from Amazon smile That’s to watch while baking cookies tomorrow smile

I had lots of fun playing Spyro while E was gone - its by far my fav playstation game. (I’m on #2 right now - Matthew owns 1 and 3, and I own 2) He always cheers me up - I mean, cmon - how could a little *purple* dragon NOT cheer you up?! smile

I have several graphics sets to work on, but we’ll see how long I make it sitting here in front of the computer. It feels like bedtime - LOL!


Kristine, I can agree with Spyro....we went to a friends house and their son had that game.. I started playing it and I loved it we are getting this Chirstmas for your playstation 2.

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