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well, todays not quite going as I planned. I woke up and slept downstairs for a while, until E woke up @6:45. I took him back to bed and slept till almost 9. Then we got up and had breakfast and after a surf through my dailies, I was feeling fuzzy so I went and laid back down. Until 12:30! I woke up feeling even more fuzzy. My legs just don’t seem to want me to walk around - just standing in the shower was too much. So we ate lunch and watched a Buffy and E went out alone to get his car worked on. And I’m starting to feel like my head might be stuffy from a cold. Uh oh. I have too much to do this week to be sick!

So today has been fairly worthless, and so I feel fairly worthless when that happens. I think I’ll curl up on the couch and play spyro, just for something to do that doesn’t include sitting up in front of my computer. :sigh:

I hope each of you feels better than I do today!

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