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bloggy notes, cards and stuff

I got a card and an adorable picture in my box this morning from Christie!!!!! So cool!!! smile And yesterday, one came with a funny santa on it from Alie. I feel all loved and stuff smile

I have some cards to go out but I know they won’t make it out before Christmas. So some new years cards will make their way across the country for some of my delightful friends smile

I’m thinking of sweet Robyn this morning. It doesn’t sound like this packet of yesterday would put me in a Christmassy mood. {{{hugs}}}

I’m wishing that Melanie and I lived close so we could walk to work together instead of driving. That would be super smile

Go over and say hi to Zalary’s mom smile

And soon, I’ll do the Friday Five, but first - more pictures to touch up for the hardware catalog. smile


Thank you sweetie! I pray with everything in me you never, ever have to go that route! smile

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