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I’ve already been talking to my sister this morning, so I thought I’d post some family news....

Lisa’s on a plane right now flying to Mexico - she was able to find enough money so that she could go help build a church for the next 7 days. She has several good friends going, and so it should be a good trip, both for helping out a community and for enjoying being with friends for a week.

Poor Megan went to Lisa’s game last night, and ended up getting rear-ended by a school bus while she was in the game. The driver didn’t even have her license on her! They took down all of her info, but Meg’s got a big dent and paint scratched and she’s so worried what dad will say. She loves her car so much. But I kept telling her that it wasn’t her fault and he can’t be mad about it. sad Please be easy on her, dad....

And then, about a month ago, I had this dream that Megan came back for break and Fred Meyers didn’t have any work for her over the break like promised. And she really needed the money, and so it was a sad dream. Of course I called and told her that she should start checking on it to make sure they were gonna be scheduling her in.... She called and they said they would.
So fast forward to this morning - they called at 8:15 to tell her that she needed to come in for another drug test because her info had been accidently deleted from the computer. AND, they scheduled her for 40 hours next week!! I’m not thinking she really was *planning* on getting in that many hours, but she says its my fault for praying that God would work it out :giggle:

So already this morning, I’ve been busy and talking on the phone and working on some stuff for mom. Crazyness!!!!

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