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mhd: decorating

Okay, so my restful time got interupted by real life things! I’m sweating like a pig, after doing a few sections of the house with lights. Goodness, I shouldn’t be breathing this hard for the little things I did.

I interwove a fake pine bough with lights and attached it to the banister of our stairs. I think I’ll come back and add some cranberry velvet ribbon to this to match the tree. I used that as an extention cord to get lights to our front window which is no where near a plugin! It has colored lights framing the window and making a star in the center.

Then, I moved to the big window in the living room and found an extention cord to attach to the tree so we could plug and unplug both easier. I made swaggy looking shapes out of lights, and I think I’ll go back and add another tier to the swags.

I’m gonna put purple lights around my desk smile Leftover from halloween smile Eeyore and Marvin will be happy to be Christmassy smile

So I’m taking a break to breath before I start another project. I need to figure out what I’m making for dinner. I think I’ll make a small batch of special k loaf with salad. Yeah, that sounds easiest. And I *should* start on another batch of cookies, but I’m feeling tired out, and so I think I’ll skip it for today and make a bunch this weekend. So many of my Christmas cookie recipes are a lot of work - russian teaballs, decorated sugar cookies, candy canes, and now cookie press cookies - all take either rolling or something that’s not so simple. Maybe I’ll do some m&m chocolate chips. Maybe.

I got to talk to my-Zalary-love and Sara this morning. It was so nice smile Yay for sweet friends smile

Oh, I’ve been listening to a nice mix of Christmas music - Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Jewel, Celine Dion, and a few others. Puts me in a Christmassy mood! And soon, Trading Spaces will be on - yippee!


Your xmas decorating sounds fantastic! Try to get pictures for all of us avid readers who rarely have guts to comment!

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