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christmas tree

I sure wish I had a digital camera so I could show you the tree how it looks like right now. E set it up on wednesday night while I finished cooking for him. And the yesterday, I put up the lights - carefully winding around and around and around so that there weren’t any obvious holes or spaces. I had new silver bead strands that I strung around with care - I only had 2, and could have really used 3, so I did it carefully smile

Then while we watched more buffy, I made cranberry velvet bows to go on top of my silver balls. I had 24 small balls, I think and pleanty of ribbon. They looks so classy! I put those up and for a finishing touch, I used paper snowflakes that I had dipped in wax a few years ago to scatter throughout the branches. Really nice ones, some 1/4 sheets, some 1/16 sheets; but nothing too big and bulky.

It looks so glamourous and glorious - I love how it glows and sparkles. I wish I could have you all over for cookies and to see my tree. I make good cookies, too ;)


I’d come over...if you didn’t live in a different state smile

Your sounds very beautiful smile My mom finished putting on icicles yesterday and now our tree is so shimmery and festive.

Your tree too smile

Ooh, it sounds fabulous! I can’t believe you don’t have a digital camera, Kristine! Did you ask Santa for one for Xmas? Hehe!

Mmmmm. Save some cookies for me!