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hmmm... I got 6 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, it was 3 hours of sleep, then 3 hours of awake, then 3 hours of sleep. Methinks that’s not ideal ;)

But hey, I got to watch a documentary about JFK while trying to avoid the ponytail guy and the toothbrush I’m already convinced I need ;)

good morning, dark sky. good morning, happy thoughts. good morning, new opportunities. good morning to it all.


Good morning to you too. smile

Ponytail guy is out to get us. (Does he not realize how STUPID that thing looks?) By the way - the Soniccare toothbrush saved my Dad from needing periodontal surgery, it’s *that* good. I told Santa to bring me one, but he doesn’t always listen...

the ponytail guy TOTALLY has a house in st. pete - we used to see him at the movies all the time. it was weird. he’s very short. and thick. short and thick and his calves are HUGE. definitely interesting. he’s about 4 feet tall, i swear.

also, he smells like hair gel.

just wanted to insert my twocents.

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