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anxious and awake

well, I musta had a scary dream or something odd over the last little while. I woke up so anxious.

Part of the problem was that when I woke up, I was stuck. E had put the sheets in the washer and when I went to go to sleep at 8:30, he realized they weren’t even in the dryer yet. So I went to sleep on the couch downstairs. When he got tired, he came down there too. So I was stuck between him and the pillows. I laid there for a little while, getting more and more anxious to move before I slowly woke him up and brought him to the real bed. I laid there until he feel asleep, but I was feeling so anxious to be moving that I had to lay there and pray just to keep my brain busy so as not to bolt out of bed. My legs are still bouncing a mile a minute at the anxiety. I have no idea why - I guess I must have just been not dreaming happy things and really wanted to be moving my mind elsewhere instead of bed.

So I’m busying myself by adding a new member to blogplates, and reading blogs, and then I’ll actually go over and confirm my amazon order while E’s not in the room to see what I’m buying him :giggle: Hopefully after that, I’ll have calmed down and the butterflies in my tummy will let me sleep again.

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