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Oh, since I mentioned it in the last post, I should tell you about my newest purchase -

Blogplates now has its own domain at blogplates.net!

I’m excited about this, because I think its a great project and can only grow because of the popularity of blogging smile Feel free to check out our forums over there, if you are interested smile

Funny how a girl goes from one domain to three domains in the process of a month!!! Its strangely addicting!


Just 3? Come on baby, you need more than that! LOL smile

I know, isn’t that sad?! How many do you have, Miss Ch?! smile

I don’t even want to try and count how many I’m guilty of now! wink Congrats on the new domain!

That’s exciting, Kristine laughing There’s nothing like the feeling of a new domain. It’s spanky!

I haven’t even got one yet! Well, I have two but I’ve let them lapse because I never had the cash to get hosting and whatnot. Now I want one but I’m just going to wait until I have a bit saved up smile

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