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silly sleep

tee hee - E had a headache at 6:45, and so he went to lay down. I climbed into bed to just cuddle with him. Guess what? we feel asleep :giggle: I woke up at 9:45 to take my uncomfy clothes off, and climbed back into bed and back to sleep. Aren’t we silly?!

And another night, another disturbing vivid dream. This one featured an all-out (verbal) battle at work, and I caved and stayed. Blah. I don’t like my dreams lately!

I’m surfing and making some changes to a subdomain. Hopefully I’ll have them made by today so I can share what I’m doing smile

But now, I think its time to go back to sleep. (but first, I must take my drugs that I forgot to take because I didn’t mean to go to sleep the first time!) Good night, lovelys!

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