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ya know how it is when you itch one place on your body, then the rest of it feels a bit itchy? Yeah, well, I found out that I’m probably somewhat allergic to pine branches LOL!

I made a wreath yesterday, and while I was doing it, I was just in a t-shirt and shorts. I knew I was poking myself because it was sharp, but I didn’t realize that each poke was leaving a permanent mark on my arm. After dinner, I was itching, and even still today, my arms are covered with little dots. Last potty break, I noticed my legs were too LOL!

So then, once I think about one place itching, I feel like other places like my face and feet and fingernails might start being itchy too :giggle:

I’m so silly!

Mom says that dad has the same reaction to brushing against pine trees. So I guess its not just me! Good thing we have a fake tree, huh?!


Oh WOW Kristine!!!!! I am IN LOVE with your new Christmasy look smile The manger is just awesome... Great job hun! Also, Nichole Nordeman is really cool...she has such a great voice! Do you ever listen to Third Day?? The Offerings cd is just amazing...it’s all worship songs. WONDERFUL!! smile

Oh my goodness. I love this design! Fabulous!

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