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Oh, so did you want to know what I ended up doing yesterday? Sure ya did ;) I poked up my arms and legs making a wreath and placing fresh pine branches all over the house - its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Now I need to hang the wreath up. E got the tree all set up after dinner, so maybe we’ll decorate that tonight smile I’ve got the stockings hung from the fireplace, too. And my new nativity scene, which I really like, is all set up on my side table in the diningroom smile

After playing with all of that, I came back upstairs to work on some graphics stuff (which I’ll share in another post).

At 4, I turned on Trading Spaces and starting making cookies - I used my new cookie press, and made TONS of cookies!! E came home early at 5ish, and I started dinner then - Pasta Bake and his mom’s Creamed Corn. An hour or so later, we ate smile I watched him finish putting the tree together, and then we watched one of tuesday’s buffys before I was exhausted and went to bed. I shouldn’t have stood up for 2 1/2 hours while making cookies and dinner w/o a break. I should know better.

I’ve been busy thinking about things when I should be falling asleep - and I wish that my brain had an off switch so I could fall asleep faster. But I finally drifted off, and slept until 12:34, when I woke up again. I’ve surfed all my blogs, and when I’m done with this post, I think I’ll go and try to go back to sleep. Although I *do* have a few things that I could be working on.... NO! Sleeep.

So that was my day - partially restful, partially accomplishful, partially tiring, mostly happy smile

Oh, and from my referrals this morning: real life stories - I’m listed as one of their Protestant stories - neato smile

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