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I just woke up with the weirdest dream. I don’t remember a whole lot of it, but I do know that E had broken up with me (we were still dating in my dream, not married yet). And I was having a hard time letting him go. Watching him from across the way, following him with the chance we’d get to talk. It was really sad. Because never once since we got together June 1, 1998 have we not been a couple. I never even imagined it as a thought until now.

I’m so glad to wake up and hear him breathing next to me and squeeze his hand while he sleeps. I love him so much.


That’s soo sweet. I know what you mean. Troy and I haven’t been apart in all of the 9 years we’ve been together (7 of them married years). I’ve had dreams that we were apart, and it was very odd, and sad to see him going about his daily life without me.

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