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@home press release

It sure appears like I’m one of the lucky ones for living in Vanc WA!
AT&T Broadband Begins Migrating Broadband Internet Customers to New High-Speed Network

"AT&T moved its Oregon and Vancouver, Wash., Broadband Internet customers to the new high-speed network during a six-and-a-half hour period overnight and is working to migrate the balance of its customers to the new network in the coming days. Customers benefiting from last night’s network migration represent more than 10 percent of AT&T Broadband’s base of Excite@Home customers. At the end of the third quarter, AT&T Broadband had 1.4 million Broadband Internet customers. Of those, about 850,000 were served by the Excite@Home network. "

I did notice that if I go to excite’s homepage, I still have all my customized info smile And that makes me happy because I like that it color codes my favorite tv shows :giggle:
Yes, I’m easily amused ;)