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dreams n stuff

I had some more vivid dreams last night. I woke up feeling very upset because it really seemed like my mom had yelled at me. My sleep state is just so close to the surface.

I started to type my dreams, but they were just too odd to share. Both of them.

Every time I woke up, I had a hard time going back to sleep because there is aching going on all over my body. I can barely move my leg with the bad ankle, and the other ones pretty sore too - and this all effects my hips and knees. My upper arms have bruises, presumably from the backpack digging into them for that long. My lower arm also seems bruised, probably from the plastic bag I carried that was too heavy to put in my backpack. I am definitely gonna be worthless for anything but sitting today!

E and me watched Die Hard 3 last night (to round out the trilogy we started last weekend). Which means that I missed White Christmas. I think I’m gonna look for a good deal and buy it smile Oh, and I finished off my PIE!!! smile It was so yummy, even to the last piece smile

I have several things that I *need* to do that I haven’t had the concentration to deal with. So hopefully, today will be the day I can make it through my must-do list. And just maybe, I’ll get another nap in :giggle:

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