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Yay! I got to treat myself and go to subway for lunch with mom smile It was yummy, and we went early, so I’m happy and warm and full now. Yay!

If you ever wanted to know, here’s what I get ;)

6" Roast Beef on Italian with Cheddar, cut the old way. Lettuce, a few onions, and green peppers. Oh, and Cucmbers! Oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper; and when they have it, parmesean cheese and oregano. Make it a meal with 2 cookies (an oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk) and orange soda (this one doesn’t have cherry coke). Today, I added their cheddar potato soup to my meal for only $.99 smile

So there ya have it smile


mmmm! that sounds good. i want Subway now. smile

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Subway. *drools*

I was just drooling..... err talking about Subway last night with Dave. I love the Subway Club on white, w/mustard, mayo, lettuce & pickels! Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm! smile

Cherry Coke is the best....

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