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Okay, so I have this odd obsession to with heavy metal that has a meloncholy undertone to it. It just makes me want to sit here in front of my computer with my head and body moving like I’m a groupy in the crowd. I can close my eyes and feel the bass going straight to my heart, vibrating my feet, and giving me a chill.
The current song that I’m obsessing over - Staind - its been a while. Metallica does this to me too.

Guess if I’ve done anything productive but snatch a few new songs in the last hour?


I think you might really like apocalyptica. they do instrumental covers of heavy metal songs. really really neat smile

oh yes, and i love you - and PIE!!

ooh, and i just went to look for some more of their stuff, and they have some covers of Frissmas songs - sooo nice and mellow. yay! smile

I am loving that Staind album... I got it a few weeks ago... it’s really great! smile

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